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Types of Modern Trampolines

Various modifications and adjustments to the trampoline over the years has led to a wide array of choices for users. Trampolines can be used for a lot of things, but they mainly fall into two categories namely fitness and recreation.

Round-Shaped Trampolines

Counted among the most popular kind of trampoline especially in the backyard of any typical home, round trampolines are the first on the list. Round trampolines almost always feature safety nets and are available at twelve up to sixteen feet in diameter; although they are highly recommended for children’s recreational use, it wouldn’t hurt for a teenager of an adult to have a bit of fun on it.

Rectangular-Shaped Trampolines

The rectangular type of trampoline is steadily growing in popularity thanks to two main reasons. The shape of the trampoline itself is one of the reason why people prefer it, specifically because it better fits in the backyard all things considered including the space and possible fencing. The second reason is that, thanks to the uneven distribution of force, this kind of trampoline offers a higher bounce. Take caution because the rectangular trampoline is actually only recommended for skilled jumpers, gymnasts or basically those who know what they’re doing.

Water-Based Inflatable Trampolines

Basically, trampolines that are water based are inflatable and are installed in spacious areas. These trampolines are mainly used for bouncing and occasionally launching people right into the surrounding water. Establishments like summer camps and lakeside resorts love the addition of water trampolines in their activities.

Mini Trampolines

Fitness routines and exercises are the main usage of small trampolines. As the name states, you can guess that they are not at all difficult to store and they can be used for indoor and outdoor activities.

Some of the Biggest Benefit of Mini Trampolines

Trampolines have been popular for a very long time mainly due to the fact that it’s fun and can facilitate all sorts of health benefits through jumping.


Apart from all the health benefits of a mini trampoline, one of the biggest would be its entertainment value. Other exercise methods can be redundant, and boring which are worlds different from routines with trampolines because of the entertainment aspect. In addition, people said that routines utilizing trampolines remind them of their childhood.

Experience Low Impact Cardio

Majority of the cardio exercises that you’ll encounter out there can put quite a strain on the body. Compared to the trails and roadways you’ll run on while jogging or running, trampolines are obviously softer; the jarring might develop leg or foot problems in the future.

Burn Those Calories Away

Aerobic activities, no matter what they may be, will burn calories and that includes having fun while jumping on a trampoline. The main difference is the fun you’ll experience while burning calories.

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