I believe my painting, Pendleton West , 6 fig. Cole and Pardo offer an encouraging thought as it appears in the treatise On Painting by 15th century scholar Leon Battista Alberti: I consciously restricted myself and relied on an essentially flat emotionless application of paint. Seeking to articulate memory, the passing of time, longing, and homesickness, I appropriated and obsessively copied, drawn, oil painted, and re-recorded family photographs and videos. The dirty-white linoleum floor appears a range of greys, beiges, and pinks in my paintings, whereas the blue art carts are translated into a range of blues and greens. In mixing and applying these colors, I was at home.

I, for sure, knew I was there standing in front of it, as well as within it. Charles Sheeeler, Home,, Sweet Hom me, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, The idea of the space-place-home continuum led me to organize and to redirect the impulses behind my early PNW paintings. University of Minnesota Press, Both offered clues to the process of pausing, of making space a place. Having decided to wipe away some of the color I had laid down, I discovered the frottage effect that the uneven surface of the wall provided when rubbed:

Establishing a place of comfort through the act of painting has been of utmost interest to me, as I hoped it would lead me to the creation of a home. Consider Pendleton West36 fig. Karsten, Lia and Van der Klis, Marjolijn. This painting may not be successful but was a defining moment in my development. The onlooker in front of my painting knows that he’s there.

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Conclusion 20 My thesis work is intensely rooted in Pendleton West but is not contained within it. Beacon Press, Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


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For more information, please contact repository wellesley. I often struggled to find the right shade and tone; I sometimes judged color to be out of place and repainted it multiple times until I found a replacement. Essays by Agnes Heller, edited by John Rundell, I think this might be the only work of my mom’s earliest works that held its course, while others ended up lost or in storage.

My purpose in writing is to expand my understanding of my own artistic process and of the possibilities of studio-based research in general. Having decided to wipe away some of the color I had laid down, I discovered the frottage effect that the uneven surface of the wall provided when rubbed: As I organize parts of the chaotic room into paintings and begin to analyze and to abstract, I develop a new appreciation for and heightened awareness of the space we occupy and use.

The collected works of Ralph Waldo Emerson. A Study of Johannes Vermeer.

Although I completed the painting with finer detail and presented it for critique, the memory of the initial excitement was compelling enough that I decided to paint over much of the painting and reduce it to a few shapes of color. I went on to paint large and to paint from painting. Part Two 8 At the outset, my intuitive process of choosing a section of the room to paint and moving my set- up nearby felt playful and frank; but with critiques and studio visits, I had to reconsider these quick compositional choices and prepared to defend them.

My childhood house stands on the edge of the Southeastern small town Sandorfalva in the Great Plain region of Hungary. I could pick them up and tehsis them close to my eyes as I worked.


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Even if the effect was passingly unpleasant, I rejoiced in the physicality of my painting. For example, the walls of PNW are a dirty-white with a yellow overtone, which I usually interpreted in my paintings as yellow, green, or grey. Friedel Dzubas – Center Red.

thesis repository wellesley

Without an artificial barrier, visitors are allowed to approach the edge which I did, too, crawling on my stomach. Suddenly, the colors were endowed with personal history that recalled hard work and gentle care, as well as a memory of being-in-the-place when they were first created.

I remember the excitement when I started laying down color in response to these surfaces.

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Using white sheets, I cropped areas of my paintings and played with removing context by zooming in and abstracting further.

Although the red strip originally denoted a lamp in 35 fig. This time, before applying the next layer of color, I corrected some of the discrepancies in perspective, used a level to make sure my verticals were straight, and masked my lines for a cleaner finish. Although the paper focuses on qellesley situation of a commuter partnership in the Netherlands, it is relevant to my experience as a young adult living away from my significant others.

In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. Remember me on this computer. CHS, 3 is fundamentally different in that the visual field is extended and attention is diffused.