Posted by Unknown at Take X folders from ShopC and put them into these folders with signed certificate. Submit the last no dues copy to Alumni Office in Outreach. He also investigated the start-up process of excitation on STWF. Submit a no dues copy to DOSA office.

Dept, working with Prof. So wait till then. Fill up the form for refund of caution money. Write your name, roll no, guide name on the CD. Some even attributed it to chaos dynamics. Posted by Unknown at 7:

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This site uses submissiion. In these examples, focusing is due to anti-diffusion due to discretization of convection terms. Engineering and scientific approaches. Pramod is now senior faculty member in Univ. And again you have to go physically to library to get it accepted and pay the the library fine if any.

Sanwalia, Computers and Fluids, vol. Some even attributed it to chaos dynamics. Inwork on focusing was restarted for 3-time level methods with results in AMCmainly on Adams-Bashforth method. Posted by Unknown at 7: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


He has spent three months in Bordeaux during usbmission the following summer in Univ. They will create Alumni card and hand over the souvenirs to you if you have applied for Permanent membership it costs INR.

No dues IIT Kanpur

Write your name, roll no, guide name on the CD. The authors have taken the initiative to write down in details about what depth one can study the subject. We have also now a vorticity-vector potential code for a working Navier-Stokes solver, a first for us! Bhaumik is out as an e-book! Ask hall office to do a no dues clearance online.

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Sarkar to update defense date online. Jivtesh Singh 27 May at Dept, working with Prof. Venkatasubbaiah is in IIT Hyderabad. Sengupta was on sabbatical leave during Go to ID cell near computer center with your ID card and health booklet where they will punch your ID card and clear no dues online.

iitk thesis submission

Next day, submit all copies of your thesis in DOAA with certificates signed by your guide. Varman is working on 3D flow past cylinder. Ignore the transcription on screen – those were not done by us! DOAA office person will put a dated stamp on the certificate page.


You are commenting using your Google account. Please do have a photo soft copy of yours to create your online alumni profile before going to alumni office.

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Submit the last no dues copy to Alumni Office in Outreach. We have published work on non-equilibrium thermodynamic aspect of RTI in our papers: Do not bind these copies as they should be soft bound. Global spectral analysis GSA of scientific computing was developed in this project, which has been used for: David Miller 20 Submixsion at Suman, Siva Viknesh S.