Technically speaking, the Obelisk defies conventional measurement. Should you have the chance to listen to our creations then you can become acquainted with the relationships between the technical and sonic features of our products by studying the following chapters. It is capable of driving all kind of sensible speakers. Preamplificatore Stereo di linea con volume telecomandato; finitura Nero o Bianco. Consequently, we have kept many of the unique ideas and technical principles of Richard Hay – use of balanced circuits, external power supplies, active crossovers, avoiding of DC coupling, and so on – even though Ion Systems were ultimately unable to overcome their financial troubles and went out of business. The Obelisk PRE is the “command center” of the Obelisk range, a thoroughbred analogue preamplifier with the option of using one or two of its inputs for digital-to-analogue conversion by add-on DAC modules. Sheer power and technical ingenuity are one thing well, two

It is capable of driving all kind of sensible speakers. High-pitched tones of percussion instruments like cymbals and hi-hats, but also horns or strings can be reproduced with life-like impact, vibrancy and dynamics without ever getting strident. It delivers the explosive energy of this Tchaikovsky piece superbly. The idea of a product which could successfully tie in to the over , Planar turntables sold world-wide proved to be right on the money: The Obelisk PS is a versatile stereo power amplifier, rated at 50 watts per channel into 8 Ohms, yet performing like a much higher rated amplifier due to its unique circuit topology and outstanding power supply section. You know, sometimes hi-fi companies can be a bit too clever for their own good. As Alec Issigonis set the automotive world on its head with his Mini in — a groundbreaking design with front wheel drive, transverse engine, sump gearbox, and phenomenal space efficiency —, so the half-width, shoebox-sized Obelisk challenged the status quo with its decidedly austere exterior, flexible upgrade possibilities, and controversial non-DC-coupled topology by then, largely considered virtual heresy for any serious transistor-based amplifier.

But above all, the PS is every bit an Obelisk. Its high-quality, 1 dB-tolerance Thewis Alps volume pot goes through a further selection process during manufacturing to achieve an even tighter, 0. These two years of cooperation with Audjo Systems were useful experience for us in hi-fi manufacturing, as well as an invaluable learning process in developing and realizing ideas well beyond the run-of-the-mill thinking disappointingly all too common today. The controls, particularly the input selector, could feel a little more precise in use, and the remote feels laughably cheap.


Two outputs are available, one with 1. Join my mailing list to receive the latest posts into your email inbox.

heed audio thesis phi

Whilst Phhi famous amplifier, the Obelisk, found a second life aaudio our Heed Obelisk Pro, a new amp concept was also elaborated and realized alongside that. But above all, it managed to render recorded music, well, disarmingly musical. The entirely discrete conception, as well as the short signal paths of the QUASAR, combine the best audiophile tradition with innovative circuit design. At Heed Audio, we have found that loudspeakers with a non-directional radiation pattern are best able to simply let the music into the room.

It is much closer to the “live” magic of a reference-quality B than it really has any right to. Here, an all-Heed amplification setup fed Heed omnidirectional speakers for a soundstage that went tall and wide and was oh-so inviting.

heed audio thesis phi

Shouldn’t a loudspeaker release music into the room in the same way? The only issue I have with the phono amp during use is the front mounted power light. Il presente listino sostituisce ed annulla ogni precedente. In fact, at this thousandfold amplification 60 dB the signal must be processed as cleanly and noise-free as possible. As for the power supply?

heed audio thesis phi

Offering plenty of options, for the price, and a low noise output, the Heed Thesis pairing are both smooth performers that remove enough noise to allow your ear to dig deep into the master, accessing understated and elusive musical detail possibly for the first time. Altrimenti fai tu un’offerta e noi la valutateremo.

Heed Audio – Thesis line

Furthermore, all analogue amplifying stages including the MM phono module are audik in dual-mono configuration and fed through no less than seven fully regulated voltage supply rails.

You also risk problems. For even a fleeting experience with the real world is better than thousand words in hi-fi, do try and meet the Obelisk wherever you can — trade shows, Heed Audio dealers, happy Obelisk owners. Although this exceptional product range – which has very little in common with solid-state amplifiers apart from the transistors generally used in both – is not in production currently, we strongly hope to revive it with a new finish and some minor changes in the foreseeable future.


Heed Audio Thesis Phi MM/MC Phonostage

Conventional speaker systems, however, cannot faithfully recreate music as we hear it in a live setting. With its very generously sized power supply, unlike valve amplifiers, it is also extremely stable even into the most difficult loads — continuous power delivery up to W or capability of driving loads down to 1. As opposed to many preamplifiers that have “dumbed-down” internal power supplies in order to hsed more dramatic sonic benefits with optional auxiliary power supply upgrades, the PRE has a sophisticated and generously sized on-board power supply that is based on a top-quality Noratel transformer and two And bearing in mind the unique Obelisk topology, those watts effectively behave more like valve-watts.

By using two independent hred MM moving magnet and MC moving coil — amplifier circuits, it is possible to use two hred players connected simultaneously. With the lack of digital circuitry, there is no reason to compromise anything.

Whatever your thoughts are in terms of branding, both products remain in a black chassis with an aluminium fascia occupying a small footprint of 9. Thus, the music was powered by the bass and the bass was there to aurio, it never swamped the master which would have overly warmed the mids. Subtle and great for evening viewing who wants a bright blue power light bonding them at such times?

A deceptively simple module with excellent musical qualities, the Dactil 1. You Might Also Like. The two separate outputs with different sensitivities make it possible for preamps or recorders to be fed via ‘Low Out’, whilst its ‘High Out’ can drive power amps directly.