The displacement of the Ngoni people in the great scattering following the Zulu wars had repercussions in social reorganization as far north as Malawi and Zambia. One of the military commanders of the Ndwandwe army, Zwangendaba Gumbi c— , was the head of the Jele or Gumbi clan, which itself formed part of the larger emaNcwangeni alliance in what is now north-east kwaZulu-Natal. The Ngoni found themselves moving northwards into East Africa. From Songea, this Gwangara group raided the land between Lake Malawi and the coast, creating a period of instability, uncertainty and chaos. Retrieved from ” https:

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Essay of ngoni migration

At Songea the Ngoni absorbed and intermarried with local inhabitants they found there – the Yao. Famme broke out in many societies since no farming and harvesting could take place because of the Ngoni raids. His successors as chief take the title Paramount Chief Mpezeni to this day.

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Ten women were killed in the gardens esssay twenty-two were taken away as prisoners. The Ngoni people are an ethnic group living in the present-day Southern African countries of MalawiMozambiqueTanzania and Zambia. They were the last Bantu migrants to come to East Africa. The many wars they had fought gave migrztion immunity to small bloodshed.


They migrated due to their spirit of cattle rustling, i. Since they were farmers, the Ngoni may have migrated as a result of land pressure.

The Tuta Ngoni moved north wards into the land of the Holoholo on the Eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika but were driven out, forcing them to change course and settle in North-eastern Tanzania among the Nyamwezi essya ls.

The movie beowulf by robert zemeckis was declared as the screen version of old english heroic epic poem of unknown authorship however it was mostly the. Chief Munyugumba managed to create a strong centralized empire in Tanzania between – Their mass movement also resulted into the spread of diseases in Southern and Central Tanzania.

The caste system was the basis of the social organization under the Cholas.

It was because of influence of men like Zwangendaba, Maputo and Zulugama who provided good leadership. Women also do smoke Tabboco company esswy give attraction to female by their slim and light ciggarates.

essay of ngoni migration

Other leaders included Chief Maputo and Zulu Gama. The Ngoni invasion illustrates the influence of external forces on the lives of the indigenous people.

They therefore, had to fight hard to ensure that they remained in East Africa. It esay a pitiful sight — the groans of the wounded, the women crying over their dead, whose bodies were brought from the gardens, the men standing about helplessly and depressed.

They divided their army into fighting units called impis. nggoni


essay of ngoni migration

Essa could also have been due to overstocking of their animals. These included Mirambo, Nyungu ya Mawe and Mkwawa, who used the Ngoni military tactics to build their states. The conquered were absorbed into their ranks and most of them adopted the Ngoni culture and language hence losing their cultures.

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Describe who the Ngoni were and identify the area where they migratioj from 2. Sections of this page. Zwangendaba’s following and the Maseko Ngoni eventually created seven substantial Ngoni kingdoms in Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi.

Their migration may have also been a result of the influence of good leaders like Zwangendaba who did not want his people to be subjugated by Shaka. As the raiding party could not have been far off, I proposed to the men to follow them up at once, and try to release the prisoners, but they were essya by the misfortune that so suddenly had overtaken them. The Ngoni brought innovation and changes such as military techniques, skill and weapons. Bythe Gwangwara had reached Songea where they clashed with the Maseko Ngoni defeating them and forcing them to flee.

In the same way their terror and tactics hardened and prepared many tribes to resist the European zaperialists e.

Three of these went back to Central Africa, settling in present day Malawi and Zambia.