February 18, – PSD: Steve was accompanied by a panel of former GSR Awardees which included: February 7, – PSD: Where do I send my admission materials? Do you want to teach at a university? This process is exactly what instructors do to prepare for teaching a class. Keep these crucial points in mind:

Lastly, the Writing Center is available to assist with editing for grammatical, spelling, and formatting; however, do not wait until the last minute, stop by with a section here and there so that you can receive this assistance from start to end. If you are interested in becoming a professor in higher education, than this presentation has a lot of great information for you. You must apply for graduation even if you do not plan to attend the commencement ceremony. What is a foreign credential evaluation? Back to Top Where do I send my admission materials?

August 1 Students who are required to take comprehensive exams must apply to take the exam with their academic department.

It was a bittersweet meeting because, although everyone was happy to be sharing each others’ company while breaking bread, this was the last WT-AGEP dinner. We met at Jorge’s for this Friday Wtwmu Dinner. The test is free for WT students.

wtamu thesis guidelines

Applicants should contact their respective local or county licensing authority for more details. Klaehn explains that the first step formatting the written thesis is often intimidating and where many students may falter in the process, then he shows us some amazing tricks to create a document that matches the thesis guideline requirements. Watch the Career Assessment and Planning presentation.


Baum shared the secrets of interpersonal communication skills that are essential to making both professional and personal connections throughout life and the qualities of a good communicator. Due to limited resources, some departments and programs will not allow non-degree students to take courses.

I think this is going to be a great semester! Edward and others sat in and joined the conversation that detailed important information that reviewers look for. This was one of those times when it pays to be here.

Students may change their graduate major only by submitting a new Graduate School application. Each program advisor will review and evaluate coursework students wish to transfer to determine if it is acceptable towards the other degree requirements. He was followed by several students who have previously participated in the program and who wanted to share their experiences and insight with the prospective new applicants.

wtamu thesis guidelines

Noah Franken were welcomed by over 20 students including Alyssa to the Graduate Suite. Back to Top Which foreign credential evaluators have been approved by the University?

Theses & Dissertations

What makes a good teacher good? April 15, – PSD: Graduate students may take a maximum of fifteen 15 hours per long semester and seven 7 hours per summer session.

Vizzini shared tips on how prospective teachers and other professional trainers can set detailed and clear expectations for assignments and activities using simple language, clear rubrics, and examples; and how constructive feedback and giving students the opportunity to make those feedback revisions will enhance student confidence, self-esteem, knowledge, and guudelines teacher-student relationship, which will help students or other professional trainees be successful in education and work.


You can view all program admission requirements and deadlines online.

West Texas A&M University

Thesis and dissertation students who have completed all coursework must be continuously enrolled until their thesis or dissertation is completed. Lockwood joined us Dr. Only classes in which a grade of A or B was earned may be transferred. Am I a domestic student or international student? Those who are always asking themselves “why” and “how” might find the answers through research.

International students are citizens of or permanent residents of a country other than the United States or U.

Students who are ONLY enrolled in thesis, dissertation, practicum, or internship can submit the Half-Time Status Designation Request form to the Financial Aid office to be considered half-time status for financial aid purposes. Contact Barb in Career Servicesbzellers wtamu. Jessica and James caught us up on family life and discussed wttamu opportunities with Edward and Maria.

FAQs How can I look for wtmu or dissertations? November 7, – PSD: Andersen gave guidelijes handouts, but don’t fret, the information can be found in Nilson’s book Teaching at its Best: Back to Top Are there any guidelines to wtxmu for my thesis or dissertation?