You can find FxCopSdk. Nice keep it up. ToString ; Finally I am getting the compilation error as The name Static doesn’t exit in the current context. Tim Cooper k 32 Must be i am wrong. Each FxCop rule resides in its own class whose name must match the name of the rule.

I am one of the developers of the tool More than code rules are proposed by default. To understand the concept of custom rule, we will take a practical example. Simbu Murugesan Jun 2: Then, once a rule violation has been determined, return a Problem or ProblemCollection after making a call to the GetResolution method to retrieve the rule information such as, message, resolution, certainty level, etc. Connection” , typeof clsCheck. Finally all code written either in C or VB. To develop your own rules, you will need to delve into the MSIL.

7 Steps to Write Your Own Custom Rule using FXCOP

Step 1 To make custom rules, the first step is to create a class library. First Prev Next Automatically inherit a web page from a custom base class mahendra.

writing custom rules for fxcop

The property will resolve to the location where the FxCop assemblies have been installed. May 10, at 8: I bought your point i will correct the rjles. March 26, at 7: Writing custom FxCop rules, the associated APIs and the process for installing them is not a supported feature of the product.


Thus, you can run it against any assembly created using any language that targets the Microsoft. Run code analysis and view the output window.

writing custom rules for fxcop

Stylecop only works only for C i think As far as I know, that’s correct. You can add the assembly DLL by right clicking and then clicking on add targets. And to debug the rules that you have written here is a post http: DeclaringType is ClassNode return rulees.

Writing Custom FxCop Rules « Naveen’s Weblog

Every method has an instruction collection which is nothing but the actual code. What I like about it most is that you can write your own FxCop rules. NET my blog My latest book: Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

writing custom rules for fxcop

Am I missing something? How can i resolve this issue. If you are replacing an existing assembly you will need to restart Visual Studio after copying the file.

How to write custom static code analysis rules and integrate them into Visual Studio 2010

I had the same problem check out your XML file, especially the type name. FxCop reads the assembly metadata and checks it for compliance against a set of rules that describe recommended coding standards and practices.


rlues Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Nish Nishant 4-Nov 8: You analyze IL instructions that were generated by the compiler – and probably some other tools.

To make custom rules, the first step is to create a class library. Kindly let me know how to resolve this error. In FXCop under myrules i am not able to see the rules techinical Dec 2: Email required Address never made public.

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Facilities are proposed to browse matched wrting elements. I don’t need a milkshake to know when I’ve missed the mark. Abhishek Drolia on Sending Email through Gmail us…. FxCop is not about ‘code review’ at all Thomas Weller 4-Nov 1: What i did to resolve this problem: You can watch my videos here.