By way of immediate example, take the following of Dr. This is unquestionably true, and hence, though the opinion will at first appear paradoxical, from the tendency of metre to divest language in a certain degree of its reality, and thus to throw a sort of half consciousness of unsubstantial existence over the whole composition, there can be little doubt but that more pathetic situations and sentiments, that is, those which have a greater proportion of pain connected with them, may be endured in metrical composition, especially in rhyme, than in prose. The Poet thinks and feels in the spirit of the passions of men. How to cite this page Choose cite format: I have therefore altogether declined to enter regularly upon this defence; yet I am sensible, that there would be some impropriety in abruptly obtruding upon the Public, without a few words of introduction, Poems so materially different from those, upon which general approbation is at present bestowed. I had formed no very inaccurate estimate of the probable effect of those Poems:

And where is it to exist? As to Wordsworth, it will be salutary to pay attention to what J. Preface to the Lyrical Ballads, written by William Wordsworth, is a landmark essay in the history of English Literature. The metre of the old Ballads is very artless; yet they contain many passages which would illustrate this opinion, and, I hope, if the following Poems be attentively perused, similar instances will be found in them. But, if the words by which this excitement is produced are in themselves powerful, or the images and feelings have an undue proportion of pain connected with them, there is some danger that the excitement may be carried beyond its proper bounds. How about make it original? But my limits will not permit me to enter upon this subject, and I must content myself with a general summary.

How long wilt thou sleep, 0 Sluggard? Whichever idea may strike us as quintessentially romantic will always be found in the works of earlier writers.

Preface to Lyrical Ballads

While Shakespeare’s writings, in the most pathetic scenes, never act upon us as pathetic beyond the bounds of pleasure an effect which, in a much greater degree than might at first be imagined, is to be ascribed to small, but continual and regular impulses esday pleasurable surprise from the metrical arrangement. English Literature and baklads BackgroundOxford: Response to Public Taste This new trend of poetry, created by both Wordsworth and Coleridge in Lyrical Balladsled to many criticisms.

The sonnet prefade I have quoted from Gray, in the Preface, except the lines printed in Italics, consists of little else but this diction, though not of the worst kind; and indeed, if I may be permitted to say so, it is far too bsllads in the best writers, both antient and modern. Among the chief of these causes is to be reckoned a principle which must be well known to those who have made any of the Arts the object of accurate reflection; I mean the pleasure which the mind derives from the perception of similitude in dissimilitude.


Summary To Preface To The Lyrical Ballads Paper

Yet a few words are necessary to underline the validity of the point. However, as many understand, the Lyrical Ballads was a collaborative effort. So shall wogdsworths poverty come as one that travaileth, and thy want as an armed man. The Principal object of the poems. I have also informed my Reader what this purpose will be found principally to be: Works Cited Abrams, M.

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The beauty of this stanza tempts me here to add a sentiment which ought to be the pervading spirit of a system, detached parts of which have been imperfectly explained in the Preface, namely, that in proportion as ideas and feelings are valuable, whether the composition be in prose or in verse, they require and exact one and the same language.

Whence is it to come? I wished to draw attention to the truth that the power of the human imagination is sufficient to produce such changes even in our physical nature as might almost appear miraculous. Yet Morning smiles the busy race to cheer.

This is mentioned, not with so ridiculous a purpose as bal,ads prevent the most inexperienced Reader from judging for himself, I have already said that I wish him to judge for himself; but merely to temper the rashness of decision, and to suggest, that, if Poetry be a subject on which much time has not been bestowed, the judgment may be erroneous; and that in many cases it necessarily will be preafce.

I have been much pleased with the poems of the Scottish ploughman scil.

wordsworths preface to the lyrical ballads essay

But there is no need for further confirmation of his basic contention. But this would be to encourage idleness and unmanly despair. Eliot and Ezra Lyrocal in our own day advocate spoken language in poetry However, Wordsworth refined this common language to a purer form without losing the essence of its simplicity.

wordsworths preface to the lyrical ballads essay

Help Center Find new research papers in: Such verses have been triumphed over in parodies of which Dr. Accordingly, such a language, arising out of the repeated experience and regular feelings is a more permanent, and a far more philosophical language, than that which is frequently substituted for it by Poets, who think that they are conferring honor upon themselves and their art, in proportion as they separate themselves from the sympathies of men, and indulge in arbitrary and capricious habits of expression, in order to furnish food for fickle appetites, of their own creation.

To these qualities he has added a disposition to be affected more than other men by absent things as if they were present; an ability of conjuring up in himself passions, which are indeed far from being those produced by pretace events yet especially in those parts of the general sympathy which are pleasing and delightful do more nearly remember the passions produced by real events, than anything which, from the motions of their own minds merely, other men are accustomed to feel in themselves: My Friends, do they now and then send A wish or a thought after me?


Perhaps I can in no way, by positive example, more easily give my Reader a notion of what Essaj mean by the phrase poetic diction than by referring him to a comparison between the metrical paraphrases which we have of passages in the old and new Testament, and those passages as they exist in our common Translation. But the sound of the church-going bell These valleys and rocks never heard Ne’er sigh’d at the sound of a knell, Or smil’d when a sabbath appear’d. From this hubbub of words pass to the original, “Go to the Ant, thou Sluggard, consider her ways, and be wise: And with what are they connected?

The Backdrop of the Prefac — Neoclassical works were known for their adherence to rules and regulations of satire and their strict lyrica, of what is poetry.

It would be highly interesting to point out the causes of the pleasure given by this extravagant and absurd language; but this is not the place; it depends upon a great variety of causes, but upon none perhaps more than its influence in impressing a notion of the peculiarity and exaltation of the Poet’s character, and in flattering the Essat self-love by bringing him nearer to a sympathy with that character; an effect which is accomplished by unsettling ordinary habits of thinking, and thus assisting the Reader to approach to that perturbed and dizzy state of ths in which if he does not find himself, he imagines that he is balked of a peculiar enjoyment which poetry can, and ought to bestow.

The role of poetry is where both writers seem to agree. It is indeed true that the language fo the earliest Poets was felt to differ materially from dssay language, because it was the language of extraordinary occasions; but it was really spoken by men, language which the Poet himself had uttered when he had been affected by the prfeace which he described, or which he had heard uttered by those around him.