Peoples expectations are very different from reality like im sure they weren’t weren’t expecting lax to be so busy. What does he say about these people? I agree with this comment because i believe that a persons first expectation of traveling will be enjoyable and relaxing. Please respond to the following questions about the essay by adding a comment to this post. Remember me on this computer. Overhead, they can see the all-too-familiar signs of Hilton and Hyatt and Holiday Inn; in the distance, a sea of tract houses, mini-malls, and high rises.

The atmosphere of this passage was nonetheless, happiness, joy, curiosity, and excitement. Some of his ironic juxtapositions are more humorous; Monks using credit cards despite our usual ideas of the non-attachment and anti-materialism stereotype of Monks. Unknown October 30, at 8: What is different and what is similar? Jack Eccleston May 21, at 6:

I believe that its to a full extent because just by observing someones culture you can tell a lot about it.

“Where Worlds Collide” by Pico Iyer | Straight From the Mind to the Page

Iyer uses juxtaposition the arrangement of two or more things for the purpose of comparison in his presentation of unlike images. Pico Iyer later mentions that people come to Los Angeles for three main reasons: In these situations the theme is implied because the writer does not make a specific statement telling readers the theme of the text. Whereas for me i believe English is a very easy language. What universal ideas about life and society does the author convey in this essay? The overall ideas about life worlrs society that the author used in this passage was that theres so much more to life that people dont take the time to see and analyze.


Where worlds collide

You have pointed out the difference between the “blue skies and palm trees” they were expecting and the reality they see whfre. Try to provide a little more detail. To find out wehre, including how to control cookies, see here: I think that the travelers expectations are different from what reality was because throughout the passage there was a lot going on there as well as overpriced food and busy lines.

On one hand, we see the prejudice against Mexicans, and on the other we see Ethiopians, despite extreme cultural animosity, working along with the Tigre.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay

He used juxtapostition to compare those unlike things to a movie and a show – The terminator and cops. He enjoyed everything cllide surrounded him and he pointed each one out.

His outlook on them were difficult to understand. This essay is told from the third-person point of view.

This site uses cookies. Think about how Iyer uses juxtaposition in his description of unlike images. Asia Paul May 21, at 6: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their wwhere.

Iyer’s opinion about lax was as a junction of colliding worlds because of all the different cultures and going to different areas of LA. Help Center Find new research papers in: I thought this was interesting as it makes me appreciate the idea that being in different airports around the world, I ahere able to grasp the different cities and cultures by just being in the airport, which is pretty cool Iyer mentions worlfs ironies through a few juxtapositions in the airport.


Peoples expectations are very different from reality like im sure they weren’t weren’t expecting lax to be so busy. Please respond to the following questions about the essay by adding a comment to this post.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay

Write them below each drawing. In contrast, a theme may be explicit because the writer clearly states the message of the text.

Pico Iyer “Where World’s Collide” Reading Response

Pico indirectly encourages people to just sit at airports and observe to learn about all the different cultures.

Their expectations of seeing the beautiful sea and palm trees are shattered, when all they see are billboards and various signs posted everywhere. Newer Post Older Iyef Home. But you wouldnt expect everything to be so crowded and busy.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay

The comparison that Lyer used in the passage was located in the first paragraph were he said ” They come outblinking, into the bleached forgetful sunshine, with dodgers caps and rodeo drive t-shirts”. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

The comparison iyrr two different iyre maybe between the part when he describes all the different types of people going with the same group. I think he included it to paint a picture to his readers.

A case study of Auckland International Airport’s customers. Email required Address never made public.