Aidani, Mammad Displaced narratives of Iranian migrants and refugees: Charnkit, Puripat Using the technology acceptance model to investigate knowledge conversion in Thai public organisations. Kearney, Celine Southern Celts: Hough, Natasha A study of physiotherapists’ and chiropractors’ knowledge and opinions of osteopaths. Muongmee, Suchinda Investigating student teaching supervision:

Gotlib, Ralph Australian rules football and distributive justice. James, Lisa The probability of elderly individuals hitting obstacles during walking. Jin, Yili Modelling the microclimate in a conical bottomed circular grain silo. Mphande, Charles Representations of development in discourse: Mak, Christine Suet Yee Evaluation of health programs:

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vuuw Available in the Library. Mahdavian, Hossien A smart motor drive system for domestic and industrial applications. Loton, Daniel J Problem video game playing, self esteem and social skills: Edwards, Fiona Frequency and duration of low back pain in female hockey players compared to two other populations.

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Griggs, Joanne Louise The effects of Caralluma Fimbriata on appetite behaviour and associated neural pathways in Databae syndrome. Mahdavian, Hossien Adaptive defibrillator design. Kelly, Noelene J Shoulder to the wind: Cran, Marlene Jane Characterization and optimization of polyethylene blends.


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Mumford, Kelley The acute effects of taping on proprioception in the ankle with previous inversion sprain. Moore, Robert Computer recognition of musical instruments: Chang, Yi-Wei The impact of consumer perceptions of service convenience on behavioural intentions: Dissanayake, Muditha Modulation of functional properties of whey proteins by microparticulation.

Lockstone, Leonie Managing the volunteer workforce: Chandran, Jaideep An image based colorimetric technique for portable blood gas analysis. Glanville, Louise Women going places: Ali, Muhammad The role of regional government in poverty reduction datagase East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Connell, Lisa Mary Human-trafficking for sexual exploitation in Australia: Azmi, Obadur Design development and implementation of agriculture online service system. Maltese radio in Australia. Bhaskaracharya, Raman K Development of low fat and reduced fat mozzarella cheese.

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McCalman, Jillian About face: Kueh, Yee Cheng Modelling knowledge, attitudes, self-management, and quality of life in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Altarawneh, Muath Effects of salbutamol on potassium and exercise performance.


South Asian students in an Australian postgraduate environment.

Lee, Janet Amadeo If we were the editors: Jordan, Douglas The Trojan Dove? Lindsay, Michelle M Clinician judgement of intellectual function.

Gow, Greg The language of culture and the culture of language: Dolan, Chelsea Louise Developmental perspectives on community beliefs and attitudes about sleep. Abate, Tony A man of principle?

Hicks, Catherine Helen The centre cannot hold: Berangi, Reza Co-channel interference cancellation in mobile cellular communication systems. An Exploration of Australian Soccer Literature.

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Harris, Anne Cross-marked: Liyanaarachchi, Winston Microparticulation of Dairy Proteins. Baxter, Narida Jane The bacteria involved in meat spoilage and the effect of environmental factors on their growth. Jago, Leo Kenneth The performance of accommodation cooperatives in Australia.