And hammer blows to her toes. This is absolutely shameful, as it allows people to argue that good practice is compromised by anti-racism “; and, contrasting the outcomes of the white and black staff members involved, “for a large number of black frontline staff if the finger of blame is pointed at them they don’t end up in jobs in other local authorities. Any suggestion that child protection policing is of a lower status than other forms of policing must be eradicated. Giving evidence to the inquiry on Monday October 1, Dr Carey said these injuries amounted to the worst case of child abuse he had ever dealt with or heard of. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation was attempted but Victoria did not respond. Responsibility is pinned on a few expendable front-line staff, all conveniently sacked in advance.

Retrieved from ” https: The front-line staff of the key public services were all employees. Arthurworrey to make allegations which, if true, would have placed Victoria squarely within that category”. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But the family of her intended target refused to let their Anna go. He found the cause of death to be hypothermia, which had arisen in the context of malnourishment, a damp environment and restricted movement. These included failing to write a discharge letter and delegating the social services referral letter to a locum senior house officer who stated there were no child protection concerns about the eight-year-old’s case.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Compliance with child protection policies and procedures must be subject to regular audit by primary care trusts.

Kouao arrived with Victoria and Manning later that morning. Why Kouao decided to leave France for the UK is unclear. Garnham said, “quite how the subtlety of that distinction was to be ascertained from the notes is far from obvious”. It was highly likely that at least some of the injuries were the result of deliberate physical harm.


Her parents hoped she would get a good education. Responsibility for ensuring this happens rests with the hospital consultant under whose care the child has been admitted.

victoria climbie case study summary

The court heard how the girl was beaten and tied up for 24 hours summary more. Since her arrival in the UK, Kouao had shown an interest in attending church. Links to more UK stories In This Section No rush to war, says Blair 10, chased for congestion fine Omagh detectives make arrest Beckham forgives Ferguson Waiter jailed for underage sex Britons ‘baffled over euro rate’ Sleepy drivers who kill face jail Man charged after boy stabbed Climbdown on care home rules Ex-Gurkhas take MoD to court Foster anger over Summaru film Fame or misfortune beckons for weblogs?

A feasibility study should be a prelude to a pilot study to explore its usefulness in strengthening the safeguards for children.

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Bad practice can be expensive. Retrieved 29 July She liked to dress up and was given clothes to dress up in by the nursing staff. It is right that it should do so. In a meeting at Haringey’s social services department on the previous day, Kouao had told Ms Arthurworrey and PC Jones that she poured zummary water over her niece’s head because it was itchy and that the girl injured herself with a fork and spoon. She died at studdy your hands, a lonely drawn out death”.

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Haringey then handed over documents. The date upon which the first such review is to take place is to be agreed and documented. A possible explanation is given as, “much of the evidence has been concerned with social services, which many other papers view as a politically correct waste of money for the undeserving”.

This former Haringey social work manager was Lisa Victooria original supervisor.


victoria climbie case study summary

A peaceful scene can be transformed in secondsbecause of a sudden outburst of uncontrollable anger. At the time of the decision, Dewar was attending a fase on child protection. This page was last edited on 23 Aprilat Only pressure from the opposition and local press got the decision reversed.

Unless specifically agreed in writing at team manager level by both authorities or above, climnie placing authority must retain responsibility for the child concerned.

The Victoria ClimbiƩ Case

The subsequent report by Laming made numerous recommendations related to child protection in England. Supervision is the cornerstone of good social work practice and should be seen to operate effectively at all levels of the organisation. This is a matter that the Government must address.

I recognise that committee structures and job descriptions vary between local authorities. Retrieved from ” https: Kouao left Victoria in the waiting room on her own for over an hour, much to the annoyance of a social worker named Pamela Fortune.

The failings included an year-old boy who complained summay father was hitting him but was not seen by social workers for nearly a year. Several documents caes submitted late or in suspicious circumstances to the inquiry. Up to her death, the policethe social services department of four local authoritiesthe National Health Servicethe National Society for victooria Prevention of Cruelty to Children NSPCCand local churches all had contact with her, and noted the signs of abuse.

Between 26 April and early JulyKouao visited Ealing social services 18 times for housing and financial purposes.