Application for funds by Youth and Women living with Disabilities will be given special consideration. Groups can qualify for a minimum of Ksh. A business plan is a strategy for creating, launching and managing a new venture. Evidence of monthly contributions will be required. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Youth and Women groups who will access the Fund will have a grace period of six 6 months and it will be repayable in eight installments. Evaluating and selecting suitable marketing alternatives.

Youth and Women groups who will access the Fund will have a grace period of six 6 months and it will be repayable in eight installments. Cover page Name of the business. Interested Youth and Women groups will be trained for an initial period of three months before they can apply for the Uwezo Fund through the Uwezo Fund Capacity Building Programme. Bank statements will be required. We think you have liked this presentation. Develop a unique business idea and prepare a simple business plan.

It answers the questions of A business. Fill an application form.

One needs to acknowledge that it involves making a significant investment decision and uweezo serious commitment. A business plan should be a working document that is reviewed and updated at least on yearly basis. Therefore, one must make a decision on what to produce based on what the market wants.

Uwezo Fund Oversight Board Capacity Building Manual: Business Plan presentation.

In this plan Group will construct 2 greenhouse units and plant Tomatoes and Capsicum and Cucumber in the Greenhouse and Courgette and Green Leafy Vegetables in the open field. Alternative markets for aquaculture products to consider include:. In formulating marketing goals, the producer must ask, and be able to answer, the following:.


Formulating ofrm goals iii.

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May 22, Uwezo Fund is a flagship project for Kenya Vision aimed at The current status of contribution; and; The proposed business plan for the loan 2: List of members that include their ID card numbers and telephone numbers. This site uses cookies. Any serious entrepreneur will produce goods which match the needs and wants of the customers they wish to serve.

Marketing is normally overlooked by many entrepreneurs and yet aquaculture production, like any other serious investment, should target specific market s. Once the Fund has been fully rolled out, interested registered youth and women groups can visit the nearest Constituency Development Fund office to register for the Uwezo Fund capacity building program.

uwezo fund business plan form

One of the requirements set out pan the Ministry is youth must have Sound business plans in order to have their businesses selected by the Committees in their Constituencies I have decided to give a little of my input to help youth when they are accessing the fund. The Board is supported by a Secretariat. Serious producers should ask and get answers to this question well before they go into production.

uwezo fund business plan form

Email required Address never made public. It enhances the chances for success and helps avoid costly mistakes.

Thorough prior planning is therefore a must before any investment is made. Importance of business planning:. Get ubsiness fund contacts form. Share buttons are a little bit lower. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Application for funds shall be accompanied by a signed guarantee form executed by each member of the women or youth group individually committing to repay the loan requested by the group.


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A marketing strategy is a plan to achieve the financial goals of the entrepreneur. Submit the application form together with relevant documents to the Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committee office, located within the Dorm offices in your constituency.

Socio-legal issues are potentially capable of limiting or even making it completely impossible to undertake aquaculture production. Business Plan Preparation Outline. Hi,am from Tanzania its an enquries,what if i need you to help me write a sound business could you help me and at what charges.

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My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Preference will be granted to groups that have been in existence for at least six 6 months. Fill an application form detailing the groups proposed business plan. This site uses cookies.

uwezo fund business plan form

Business planning is important to both new and established aquaculture enterprises. Auth with social network: