Before making your submission, please read Things to be aware of before submitting. If you have made more than one submission to an assignment, you can select to Show Previous Submissions to see your earlier submissions. You need to complete the assignment submission process following the steps below. Once you have completed this, you make your actual assignment submission following the quick steps below. The same information is displayed but it has been simplified to help students see key information such as due dates more easily.

It is essential that you allow ample time before the submission deadline to upload your media file to Kaltura we recommend that you allow at least two hours before the submission deadline. Yellow indicates that the submission period is within the 24 hour late window. Below the main tab you should see six subtabs: If there is any discrepancy or if you have a different query about your mark or feedback, please contact your course instructor. Late submissions Any submissions within the 24 hour window will be subject to a marks penalty. Queries about your mark or feedback – Please check that the mark in your MarkingRecord. If you are in any doubt about the word count for your coursework please contact your module tutor.

The first time you access the new Coursework tab layout, you will see a pop-up tour of the changes.

Submitting Assignments

Your coursework submissions will be visible up until the date of the exam board for the module so you can see when your coursework has been registered as having been received in SAT. The Coursework Submission Coversheet is not generic, it is specific to you and the coursework submission, which means that you must not share these coversheets with any other students nor attach them to coursework other than that identified. Any text added to this area will be displayed to your instructor as html and may not be marked.


We strongly recommend that you check your submission has been uploaded successfully by following the guidance on the Checking your submission was successful page.

Red are Coversheet download submissions where the coursework has not yet been scanned and receipted, or no submission has been made. What is the word count policy? If you need to apply under either the missed assessments or exceptional removal of a mark processes please see here for details. Below the main tab you should see six subtabs: If you need to attach any other files to your submission use the Browse My Computer button to find and select them. To avoid upload problems, it is recommended that you upload very large media files over a wired internet connection rather than wifi.

You need to complete the assignment submission process following the steps below. The same information is displayed but it has been simplified to help students see key information such as due dates more easily.

Please be aware that large files may take a while to submit and it may seem like nothing is happening. This information is contained not only in the details shown but also in the barcode that will be used to register receipt of your coursework by the Student Administration Team SAT.

When will I see the Coversheet?

Coursework Coversheets – UWE Bristol: myUWE Support

Please stay on the submission screen do not navigate away and wait for the submission jwe. You will now see a thumbnail of your media submision inside a table in the text editor. You may be expected to make other submissions which are not cousework here. The most recent submission made will be a link under Submission Receipts – from there you will be able to check the file s you attached. When you have attached all the files you are required to, select Submit.

For information about when your receipt will appear, please see the Logging of coursework guidance. Uploading or creating a file in your My Media area does not constitute a submission and instructors will not be able to access your file. After the resit field board when the module is finished and archived, any historic resit assignments will be visible to all students not just those who needed to resit.


This may differ from Module to Module, depending on the volume of coursework to be registered but SAT aim to do this ssheet 5 working days of the deadline. It is your responsibility to download any feedback you have received through the Coursework tab before your access to UWE systems ends.

uwe coursework submission sheet

If you are referred but unsure whether you need to submit to a resit assignment, please review the Assessment – Frequently Asked Questions webpage. Expand the Mashups tool and select Kaltura Media from the list. Do not use the Write Submission iwe unless specifically instructed to do so by your instructor. Whilst the assignment is available for submission, there will be a clickable link directly into the assignment. Receipts for Blackboard assignment submissions will be available on coursewofk Blackboard Coursework tab.

If you believe you have made a mistake with your submission and the deadline has already passed, please contact an Information Point for advice.

uwe coursework submission sheet

Click on the Write Submission button and the text editor will display. The mark is against the latest submission you made Any text based feedback from your instructor A link is provided to any feedback documents attached by your instructor plus a MartingRecord txt file.

Your faculty will track whether it was late work. Review the Instructions and any files attached by the instructor.