For convocation information, see the Ceremonies and Special Events convocation website. Career Services Take advantage of the information and services available to help you with your job or post-doctoral search. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Return to secondary navigation. It only takes a few steps to cross the stage and receive your degree, but a lot more goes into getting you there. Submit your thesis or dissertation to UVicSpace before the last day of the term in which you defend.

If you have requested that your thesis be withheld , the librarians will enforce the withholding in accordance with the approval by FGS. Submit your application through MyPage. The Faculty of Graduate Studies does not cover any expenses incurred in relation to PhD and Master’s oral examinations. Convocation is held in June and November of each year. There are some excellent publishing resources available to help get you started. The request for oral examination must be signed by the entire supervisory committee and submitted to the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies:. Skip to primary navigation.

GARO will review your record to confirm that you’re nearing completion of your program. A GARO clerk will review the format of your thesis, using the submossion checklist.

uvic thesis submission

Full details are available in the calendar. Skip to primary navigation. An application fee is assessed and is payable immediately, by credit card only. Sign and submit the completed request for oral examination form together with an updated CV from the External Examiner for approval by the Dean as well as a copy of the Confirmation of Arm’s Length Status Form.


Sumission Office submidsion the Dean of Graduate Studies will prepare the announcements for both Master’s and PhD oral examinations utilizing the information provided on the Request for Oral Examination form and supporting documentation. You’ll receive more instructions about the ceremony itself, and you’ll be escorted from this room to the auditorium by a ceremony marshall. Students making use of the Subbmission will not be eligible for graduation in the term in which they defend.

Oral exams must be held in the term in which you plan to complete your program.

Gowns, robing, and finding your assigned seat: Return to global menu. Submisssion to global menu. You will be contacted by the Ceremonies and Special Events office regarding convocation.

Thesis and dissertation – University of Victoria

Establish a timeline for completion with your supervisor to ensure you have completed your requirements in time for graduation. Whether you’re in the planning stages, preparing to defend or completing the submission process these pages will provide you with the information and resources you’ll need to ensure you’re successful each step of the way.

Check your degree evaluation CAPP and contact your graduate secretary if you have questions. Return to page content. Skip to primary navigation. Skip to secondary navigation. Return to global menu. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search.

Guidelines for oral examinations

Select the term in which you intend to complete your program. Senate awards degrees based on the convocation list in May and October of each year. Final Completion Paperwork Talk with your graduate secretary about these forms.


Return to primary navigation. Review your program with your supervisor to confirm that your degree requirements will be met by the end of term. During the period of withholding, the thesis or dissertation will sjbmission be accessible to anyone, but a brief record of its existence will be available.

Skip to page content. Library and Archives Canada will harvest your thesis, along with all others from UVic, and archive a copy in their collection. To complete your program within the first month of the next term and be eligible for the Completion Postponement Fee Adjustment. Extension requests are made by submission subbmission a further Withholding Form together with a statement from the author outlining the progress made toward publication or patent during the preceding twelve months.

You may choose to apply anytime until the deadline for that term: It is the responsibility of the sbmission to provide the External Examiner with a copy of the thesis as soon as possible once the date of the examination has been confirmed.

uvic thesis submission

CPFA Ancillary fees will be assessed for the term.