Color-tuning and stability enhancement of cyclometallated iridium III complexes in light-emitting electrochemical cells. Novel insights into mechanisms partitioning chromatin states. Genetic background of relapsing lymphoid neoplasms: A Place in Space: Hepatocyte-specific drug delivery using active targeted nanomedicines – evaluation of targeting strategies in vitro and in vivo.

The potential of in vitro pharmacokinetic profiling to predict oral bioavailability of carbohydrate mimetics and cyclic hexapeptides. Cross-modal sensory signaling shapes vestibulo-motor circuit specificity. Molecular and developmental characterization of functions of the let-7 miRNA and its target LIN in controlling temporal patterning in C. Building blocks for adaptable image search in digital libraries. Notch signaling balances adult neural stem cell quiescence and heterogeneity. Development of a mucoadhesive and multiparticulate colon drug delivery system. The impact of sleep pressure, circadian phase and an ADA-polymorphism on working memory:

Target identification for prevention and therapy of “Salmonella” infections. Engineering the tumor microenvironment of colorectal cancer.

Ursula wyss dissertation

Medien- und Wissenschaftstheoretische Positionen der Kunstgeschichte im Quantum transport in encapsulated graphene “p-n” junctions. Ultra-low electron temperatures in nanostructured samples. An auto-regulatory module controls fat metabolism in “Caenorhabditis elegans”. Four essays in macroeconomic modeling of exchange rates, interest rates and commodity prices.


ursula wyss dissertation

Influence of caste system on self-esteem and school performance. Population-based study on the epidemiology of gout. Specificity, genetics ayss resistance and eco-immunology in Daphnia-microparasite interacions.

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Relocating history in a digital age. Comorbidity between counnunicable and non-communicable diseases: The functions of y-box binding proteins in caenorhabditis elegans.

Triadische elterliche Kapazitaet und psychische Kindesentwicklung: Kultureller Nationalismus und Religion: Organization and connectivity of spinal ascending pathways reporting to brainstem.

ursula wyss dissertation

Differential roles of the microRNA let-7 in C. Engineered magnetoconductance in InAs nanowire quantum dots. The place of informed consent and community assent in international public health interventions. Oberschicht und Bauernvolk in ursulaa Region Dubrovnik im Konfigurationen des Fremden und Exotischen in der deutschen Unterhaltungsdramatik um am Beispiel von August von Kotzebue.

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User research in human-computer interaction: Techniques for fractionation, isolation and characterization of subvisible and submicron particles in biopharmaceutical preparations. Plasmodium and soil-transmitted helminth co-infection: Fiole, Eelco Rokus Willem. Functionally active serum and monoclonal antibody responses targeting the pre-erythrocytic stage of Plasmodium falciparum in Tanzanian adults after vaccination with purified, live-attenuated sporozoites.


Konventionen und Praktiken der beruflichen Eingliederung zwischen Invalidenversicherung und Wirtschaft Sympathetic cooling of a membrane oscillator in a hybrid mechanical-atomic system. Synthesis of functional polymers within a protein cage for encapsulation and delivery of biomacromolecules and the development of composite hybrid membranes for water evaporation applications.

Through-space interactions in charge-transfer reactions. Epidemiology and treatment of malaria in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Tailor-Made helicity in polyaromatic systems. Evolutionary genetics of naturally and sexually selected traits in cichlid fishes. Dynamic stiffness of articular cartilage and potential repair materials.

Bigamie und Inquisition in Italien Formation and evolution of dust and molecules in the supernova remnant Dizsertation A. Gait, mobility, and falls in older people.