Text Section Introduction or preface. Text Section Use Arabic numerals for all pages of the text section. However, for manuscripts submitted on paper, the Library’s binding process limits thickness to 2. Number the first page of each section at the bottom center and all remaining pages of. That will be followed shortly by an email informing you that your submission is under review, and who will be reviewing it. Footnotes and Endnotes “Footnotes” appear at the bottom of a page.

In creating each page of your manuscript, avoid 1 hyphenating words at the end of a line, 2 putting the first line of a paragraph as the last line of type on a page, and 3 putting the last line of a paragraph as the first line of type on a page. Captions and Numbering Place table numbers and titles above each table, and figure numbers and legends below each figure; if you choose a different pattern, be consistent throughout the manuscript. Footnotes and Endnotes 2. However, if your notes are more numerous, you must number them sequentially throughout your manuscript. Use word substitutes, not symbols or formulas, to ensure effective retrieval from on-line indexes.

Dedication Page Optional Table of Contents All sections of the manuscript are listed in the table of contents except formattnig title page, the copyright page, the dedication page, and the table of contents.

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The preliminary pages require very specific wording, spacing, and layout. When including such media as part of your manuscript, when submitting your manuscript on paper, you dissegtation submit two copies, each in its own cover or case. Dot matrix-type printers are acceptable only if they have pin print capability or higher.


Use only black, permanent, non-smearing ink for handwritten symbols or formulas, drawings, diacritical marks, etc. FAQ and Privacy Statement.

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Skip to main content Skip to search box. The requirements in this manual pertain to manuscript formatting, manuscript submission, and copyright matters. Revised by John Grossman and Alice Bennett. Materials may be reduced or enlarged, if necessary, to fit within the required margins.

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Can I use a manual from another UC? Sample Dedication Page Optional 7. Two basic dissertahion are: What are the submission deadlines for upcoming academic quarters?

Dussertation submitting your manuscript electronically, University Archives will automatically send you a verification email stating your submission has been received. In general, the “drop-dead” deadline falls on the day before the official start of the following quarter. Figures and Illustrations 2.

uci dissertation formatting

References Section Bibliography Format dissertatjon references or bibliography in the style most commonly used in your academic discipline including the placement of references at the end of each chapter if necessary.

If the template you are using includes a Signature Page you do not have a current accurate template. Dedication Page Optional Sample pages and templates are available. The requirements described in this manual apply only to the formatting of your manuscript, not to its scholarly content.


Real-time, chat reference service is provided by reference staff from various academic libraries. Skip to main content Skip to search box. Follow the Requirements in this Manual 1. The Filing Fee is half formayting amount of the Registration Fee. The Archives staff reviews your manuscript to ensure that: Electronic submissions must follow disdertation basic formatting requirement specified on the UMI submission web site here and in this manual.

uci dissertation formatting

Use the exact wording specified for your degree. Use word substitutes, not symbols or formulas, to ensure effective retrieval from on-line indexes. Once you make the revisions in your manuscript, please resubmit in ProQuest.

Use the spell-checker on your word-processing program, but manually proofread your text as well. Electronic or audiovisual data may be included as appendices in paper submissions. Electronic and Audiovisual Appendices 2. Include the electronic or audiovisual appendix in your table of contents. These official deadlines are final, and they usually occur at the end of the tenth week of classes.