Bradbury portrays mass media as a veil that obscures real experience and interferes with our natural ability to think deeply about our lives and societal issues. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. Download ppt “Guided Timed Essay: The next day, when Montag comes to the firehouse, captain Beatty informs him about an urgent call. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. You have two minutes.

Insects and Other Animals: Clarisse tells him about herself and about her visits to a psychiatrist. Is English your native language? You may begin with the following phrase: Skim your introduction for ideas. When the firemen threaten to burn down the place, Montag is the only one who asks her to leave. Beatty tells him the story of how firemen started burning materials instead of extinguishing them.

This book revolves around the theme that television destroys much of the value that is found from literature and book are burned because of the knowledge and ideas they give to people. From this sprang tiny copper wires which ended in a dainty cone plugged into her right ear.

He hears a noise and goes to see what it is about. Bradbury, Ray, Fahrenheit Draw a box around it. If someone reads your thesis statement followed by all of your topic sentences, they should be able to understand your entire argument o the rest of the essay is just explaining and proving that argument. When she disappears, her whereabouts are unknown to him for a period of time. The next day, when Montag comes to the firehouse, captain Beatty informs him about an urgent call.


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We think you have liked this presentation. When they start talking, the fireman notices that this girl, Clarisse, is different from her peers.

He thinks books might have the answers that could save this ignorant, apathetic society he lives in—so he starts to look for people who share his new outlook. Download ppt “Guided Timed Essay: The fireman use it to destroy things, but the woman whose house they burn interprets it another way: We think you have liked this presentation. At first he believes that fire is simply a destructive force, but he slowly begins to understand the comforting and unifying nature of fire.

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He gives Montag 24 hours to burn the book or it will be done by the fire department. Yet Guy undergoes a major transformation as a character, and ultimately attempts to revive lost pieces of civilization. He suddenly remembers and contacts Faber: Videos, Podcasts and Multimedia. Montag simply goes to work, returns home, and then falls asleep.

Bradbury shows how horrible a society can become when it denies the necessities of imagination and true communication and sticks, instead, to material goods alone Longman She had swallowed too many sleeping pills, though the story is not clear whether it was on purpose or an accident.

He had never known the positive powers of fire, only those which could destroy-killing Mildred, Beatty and Faber.


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One evening, as he returns home from work, he suddenly sees a strange girl following him. The next day, Montag feels sick.

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Yes No What is your profession? The title stands for consequences the society has to face, if it kills new ideas and thoughts.

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The woman held in one hand a small cigarette-package-sized radio, its antenna quivering. Insects and Other Animals: After a sequence of events, he seeks ways to break free of it.

He starts noticing aspects of life he never noticed before, and begins to do simple but spontaneous actions like tasting the rain and laughing.

Skim your introduction for ideas.

“Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury

Clarisse McClellan is a statemwnt woman who strikes up an unlikely friendship with Guy Montag, a friendship which causes Guy to question some of the assumptions and beliefs that he has followed blindly for much of his life. Explain your thesis statement. You have two minutes. Briefly express one theme found in the book. It contains the actual and undisturbed word of God, not the one where Jesus advertises goods and products.