Among these indices, we highlight the Journal Citation Report JCR , which presents the best evaluation from organisms that assess research activities. According to Carr, this might shift the power balance within the marketplace from the buyer side to the seller side Carr Practitioners should inform individuals about their plan for disclosing and managing incidental and secondary findings, specifying what findings will and will not be returned. Internet Pages of worldwide neuromarketing companies. The number of publications about neuromarketing has increased from 10 to , and it is currently estimated that there are more than companies working in this field Plassmann et al. The proposal by Murphy et al.

This peer-reviewed journal has a JCR impact factor of 3. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 9 1 , 34— To gain knowledge on the potential future of neuromarketing, a qualitative study was done through a series of in-depth interviews with professionals who have practical uses for neuromarketing in their respective fields. The risk of manipulation by commercials or mind-control is directly related to the discussion by Murphy about the invasion of the inner sanctum of private thought Murphy et al. Despite the fact that some prepackaged software programs are utilized in the field, the collected EEG data should be analyzed via custom-made methods solely by scientifically proficient researchers and practitioners.

A critical review and outlook. Therefore we must be cautious at the time of evaluating our sources of information, as nowadays there is a considerable amount of documentation related to consumer neuroscience – however, not all of it is precise or true.

thesis neuromarketing neuroscience

This paper begins with a brief introduction to the field of neurotechnology by presenting its current capabilities and limitations.

Marketing research has experienced a groundbreaking turn with the increasing use of neurotechnologies and neuroimaging techniques especially in the last decade. Dignity and Integrity, Beneficence and Nonmaleficence The concept of human dignity is a key element underlying the ethical concerns regarding the implementation of emerging technologies. How to search for neuromarketing scientific papers? Therefore, brands can understand how emotions, cognitive biases, and other non-conscious processes influence the decision-making process, and have a general idea of how the brain acts in the nehroscience process.


There is an urgent need in the interdisciplinary scientific bodies like ethics committees monitoring the research regarding the scien- tific and ethical values of nonmaleficence, beneficence, autonomy, confidentiality, right to privacy and protection of vulnerable groups. On the basis of this new research, some marketing companies have decided to specialize in selling brain imaging technology to large corporate clients. All practitioners—whether they are clinicians, researchers, and compa- nies— should anticipate findings and describe wherever feasible what incidental findings are likely to arise from the tests and procedures before they are conducted.

The revised law effectively bans the commercial use of neuroimaging in France, although neuromarketing companies have only to cross the border to continue their business Code Civil The present study examined whether a violent video game impairs the effectiveness of in-game advertisements compared to a nonviolent video game.

By assessing the benefits and potential risks to participants and volunteers, the ethics committees, owing to their multi-professional, pluralistic structure, express the need for conformity to accepted ethical standards and practices and thereby the viability of any research Guide for Ethics Committees A new way of carrying out market research has emerged, which has attracted the attention of researchers and brands, and of anyone interested in marketing and consumer behavior.

Neuromarketing : an essential tool in the future of advertising and brand development

Murphy and her colleagues have noticed that the search of the responses of the human brain to the marketing stimuli in order to obtain objective data about the inner workings of the brain might be a potential threat to the autonomy of the participants from whom certain information is waived in obtaining consent prior to the research Murphy et al.

Therefore researchers should be cautious of undue influence of such incentives, which may jeuromarketing over into indirect coercion.

Neural correlates of behavioral preference for culturally familiar drinks. The impact factor is an index of annual quality that assesses the quality and relevance of the journal as well as the repercussion obtained within the scientific community.


Illes argues that functional neuroimaging technology will have the risk of discrimination, stigmatization, and coercion that include a risk for penetration into privacy.

Research involving human beings, vulnerability and exploitation. Does touch affect taste?

thesis neuromarketing neuroscience

Journal of Consumer Psychology, 22 118— Collaboration between academia and private industry. Journal of Experimental Psychology: A very short introduction.

7 journals to consult for neuromarketing research papers

How choice ambiguity modulates activity in brain areas representing brand preference: Ethical analysis and recommended action in response to the dangers associated with youth consumerism. Brain Research Bulletin, 67 5— Human decision-making is a multifarious process peculiar to a subtle and sophisticated entity through rational and emotional procedures.

Paying respect to dignity means respecting the rights of the subject Nordenfeldt Since many details about this emergent application are unclear, the use of neuroimaging technologies in the marketing field has not been scientifically and ethically convincing yet, in the light of human health and welfare. And even if it is, we must be careful at the time of generalizing conclusions from a specific study to other applications i.

Neural predictors of purchases. Neuromarketing research is an neuromarketibg process that builds, with each study, a supporting scientific and knowledge basis. Considering that human dignity presents an indispensable component of an autonomous human identity, it is claimed that while handling the uncertainties of predicting the effects of any technology, neuromareting risks of harms and benefits to the concerned parties, should be taken into consideration.

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