Elements of the corporate style Obligatory rules A fixed format: Commercial messages are denied. Design them like this:. Michel De Paepe or Prof. What about the ‘extended abstract’? Download cover course – Ghent University Global Campus. They last for a longer period because you can add several adresses.

Choice of paper Paul Robbrecht “Robbrecht and Daem Architects”: The requested colour combination for the dust jacket and the number of required dust jackets; The title of the dissertation; The name of the doctoral candidate and the names of the supervisor s ; The diploma to be obtained e. The same principles of the poster need to be applied to the flyer. Do you want to program your own form?

UGent Panno Text Medium 70 pt for icon on 50 pixels: At the conclusion of the literature survey you can lzyout state what the specific goal of your thesis is. All video fragments are available in English or Dutch: When you show a graph, take your time to discuss it clearly. What are the promoters expecting for the draft of the literature study deadline half of November?

thesis layout ugent

Basic HTML elements 4. The slides should logically and seamlessly follow each other, without jumps in the subject. In order to ensure that the fully completed doctoral dissertations including the dust jackets will be available at the time of the public defence of the dissertation, the following timing is taken as a starting point:.


Where are oayout results contradictory or where is knowledge still lacking?

Master dissertation

The Ghent University corporate design is very recognizable via a basic design with blue colour fields. The price without VAT covers the production cost of a complete dust jacket, including printing costs in quadri, plasticising, and the creasing and cutting of the dust jackets.

thesis layout ugent

The print of the dust jacket is realised according to fixed style rules use of a fixed font ‘Gill Sans’, fixed position of the title, etc. You can find a few examples at brand porfolio. A good literature study lzyout give a critical overview of the current state-of-the-art of the subject you are working on.

thesis layout ugent

What is on the x-axis, what is on the y-axis? Language and terminology Read the layour here below to install the signature in your e-mail software. Grid and layout 7.

Voluntary style rules It is recommended but not obligatory to respect the following style rules. Do not start with an overview of what you are going to talk about.

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A version for research groups spread over various faculties and for Campus Kortrijk is also available. Therefore, write ‘Universiteit Gent’ or ‘Ghent University’ manually. You tehsis either add this field typographically or add a photo or illustration behind the blue field. Sebastian Verhelst Do we have a PowerPoint template available that can be used for our intermediate presentations? Number your slides Do not ask for questions at the end; it’s the chair of the session who will introduce you and ask the audience if they have questions Repeat your title slide as the final slide, so the audience still knows who you are and what your title is during the questions.


The same principles of the poster need to be applied to the flyer. Where are the slides of the thesis kickoff meeting?

Video formats or moving images are not possible. Dare to Think 8. PhD dissertation covers FEA zip. Keep in mind the following things:.

What is already known about my problem in the scientific literature? Please contact your supervisors and always be aware of the safety measures:.

Corporate style for PhD dissertations — Faculty of Engineering and Architecture — Ghent University

Your login stores all your orders for the future. This way you message will stand out. Logos en faculty icons 3. Print Everything to print: