He will give you another katakana and you will mostly get a new summon, Peko. If it’s about the game’s story or game play stuff, make your question clear as well. Head toward and enter “White Night” HQ for scenes. Exit out the village and continue your way on. If you are interested in buying it, we can try to track it down for you. Step on the switch at the center. Thus, you should know where to look for sites that have coverage on the particular game.

Just keep healing when you are low, and continue to attack. If you have any matter you want to bring up to us regarding copyright or trademarks, please feel free to contact us. Besure to have Holy Mother Plahma if you don’t have her yet. Enemy ‘Slime’ in Abandoned Factory Fu: They can be very similar but they are still different. There are three paths to take here.

You will be making your way around, eventually, to NE direction. NONE Go down stairs and more scene. Second fight, pretty much the same as above. That will open that yellow door lower. Beware of their poison attack and move around frequently. Now, what’s left is Tseze Village. If you are from Cheatcc, then don’t bother.


Get the second Item Box summkn drop down. Head to the “White Night” HQ and go down the basement for more scene.

summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa

This item is currently unavailable. After, more scenes and you will get a sword in the end. This is the difference.

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Log in or create account to post your own reviews. He will chase you all the time. The rest is just go through areas and areas. Speak with the one to the left to get another kana and you probably get a new summon, Punim. Nigght and secret are often not included.

summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa

After, exit out for more scene. There are lots of combinations here.

Keep your HPs high and attack like crazy. Those often come out months later. The boss here is big and got various attacks.

Both paths have ways that lead to the west, so, it doesn’t really matter. When you go get taubasa to the south part, go left and hit the two switches, then take the newly opened left path. Thus, you should know where to look for sites that have coverage on the particular game.


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Take the upper left path to the Alespa Tsubwsa. Do take out that Linear first. You have a choice. Go down to the basement.

After, go to speak with Kisana. Go to speak with Kisana.

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And you probably get the final summon of the game, “Paired Conquering Dragons Blisgoa”. Continue on and eventually, you get to a dead end. Enter back to Alespa Street.

Thesi ‘Replize’ in Abandoned Factory Shi: At the area with the spikes, summon out Golem. Then move toward the village’s entrance.