It can not be used for profitable, commericial or promotional purposes. Check the walkthrough Ennin Orochi, En: When that happens, forget about attacking and run along the edge of the battle field in circle, then Exena’s next attack should be a big area attack which is still pretty easy to avoid as long as you know where it shows up and run away as far as you can. Start it up with Leonus, then watch its color, then change to Ainna to attack. For other genre games, unless the previous games in the series often have English related, otherwise, probably not. You will get to another save point. Eventually, you will get to a room with switches.

You have a choice. After, head back to the town. That’s it, now go to Mystic Forest. There should be a Warp Point and Save Point there. There are Item Boxes here, so besure to get them.

Once you are done, head to the lower left.

Summon Night EX-Thesis: Yoake no Tsubasa for PlayStation 2 – GameFAQs

From Yuzuki in the story. You can only pick one. Enter as many E-Mail addresses as you like separated by “;”.


To have us tracking down your wanted items, we need you to login or create an account. It will send out waves surrounding itself, so get away from time to time.

Follow him to the right, then north. This is nothing hard.

Basically, you can now use that warp point to get back to Lion Yoaks Gate. Clear the blue ones and you will change to Ainna. After, go to speak with Kisana. Once you took out both flowers, aim for Exena. There nnight three paths to take here. Afterward, go right to continue to the next part. Change to Ainna and use Orochi to burn the webs. Afterward, speak around and more scenes.

Then go back to take SW. Also, this is quite the common sense. Anyway, be sure to speak with Worel and select the second choice. But, just attack once and run, repeat. Optional and secret are often not included.

Summon Night EX-Thesis: Yoake no Tsubasa – FAQ/Walkthrough

Then head to Kagerou Village, then back to Alespa Street. Aside from Holy Mother Plahma, make sure you stubasa enough healing items put to the Locket. Make your way to the right.


summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa

You have a choice. Within, go left then up all the way.

Summon Night EX Thesis Yoake no Tsubasa – Opening Theme

You can go south to explore. Anyway, back to Lion King’s Gate. Once you are there, go left to get to some new lands.

summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa

It’s the exit side, where you firsy met Piar previously. After you beat her, you get another Sword Skill Book. Hole Tete in Abandoned Factory Gou: You will end up fighting Yuzuki again. It can not be used for profitable, commericial or promotional purposes.

Make sure you use the Warp Point here to enable it. Would you recommend this Guide? Now, back track to where you press the second switch, and you can head north through the green gate now.