This second sentence lets the firm know you understand this. If possible, also have a friend check your application. Law careers fairs occur in most major cities between March and May each year and are a great way to meet with HR representatives, lawyers and past clerks from firms you are interested in. Upload document Create flashcards. I know plenty of Distinction average students who did not get a clerkship but who all got great graduate jobs and are currently killing their careers. I have strong customer service skills, having a luxury retail background, and more recently having worked directly with clients on small matters as a paralegal at Firm Y. This sentence is important.

At these events there are usually a lot of students clamouring for a few minutes with the recruitment partner or clerkship recruitment manager. The submission method varies between firms: Before you start writing the cover letter, thoroughly research the firm. I used this method and obtained four first round interviews. Law firms use plain English in everything they do, so if you plan to work in a commercial law firm, you need to get used to plain English now. After you have stated your reason, you need to integrate your prior experience and skills into the paragraph. Upload document Create flashcards.

Some firms also require students to answer additional questions as part of the clerkship application process. If the aeasonal would make sense without the word, then leave it out.

seasonal clerkship cover letter sample

I used this method and obtained four first round interviews. Once again, employers assess your competence in this area through different aspects of the recruitment process: When applying for firms, look at your academic transcript.

So if you worked in property, banking and finance or another sector prior to studying law make sure you integrate this into your clerkshi; letter. Identify the firm culture.


Law Graduate in Pink: How to write a clerkship cover letter that will get you an interview*

Remember that your personal worth is not connected to whether or not you get a summer clerkship. Having had a prior career in the resources szmple working in the Department of X prior to commencing my Juris Doctor, I have a comprehensive knowledge of the resources sector and the daily challenges these clients face.

seasonal clerkship cover letter sample

For the most part, lawyers have to translate complex legal concepts to provide clear advice to clients. For example, you may have been part of an executive or council in a university club or society, a captain of a sports team, or held a management role in the course of your employment — either way, you will need to outline your responsibilities as a leader and clefkship ability to work with and lead a team. Make it interesting — your fantastic problem solving skills and stellar work ethic are key selling points, but reach for a thesaurus and consider how you can present this information in samlle more engaging way.

If you have a background in a practice area a letteg has, it will be viewed favourably. Knowledge of the sfasonal Although firms will look at your commitment to being a lawyer, they will also look at your commitment to being part of that particular firm. There are some fantastic resources on writing cover letters already out there on websites like Beyond Law.

A really obvious but helpful suggestion This previous experience does not have to be legal experience.

– Law (Clerkships) Sample Cover Letter

You need to find the name of the Graduate Recruitment Officer or appropriate Human Resources Officer at the firm you are applying for. After exams you may find yourself holidaying overseas. Research will also improve the quality of your applications. I thrive in a team environment, a recent example being During this time, most penultimate students are juggling exams and work commitments. Remember to make your cover letters your own. Issues to consider before taking a remote or rural job.


After you have stated your reason, you need to integrate your prior experience and skills into the paragraph. Find us on social.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application and prospects further with you, I can be contacted on Yours sincerely, Jenny Courthouse monash.

Some firms seaeonal run in-house events for law students to visit their offices and network with potential future colleagues. The reality is, it is a job and you are there to contribute to the firm.

This will give you a feel for how the firm markets itself. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users.

How important are academic results? Leaders are people who take initiative, are proactive, make key decisions, are organised and manage larger groups. Participation in extra-curricular activities or work experience can give you skills that are not attainable through study alone. Newer Post Older Post Home.