Finally, one of the issues facing employers is to understand the new generation of employees entering the workforce. Hence, the tracer study can serve as a basis still had a struggle or difficulty in finding a job for curriculum review or revisit, for intervention, for because of few job vacancies or lack of position or appropriate actions of the institution for the item. In order to find approaches for hotels to mitigate the threat from these new accommodation forms, the present article focuses on the major elements influencing customers to choose this new platform and other related aspects affecting the future of the hotel industry. A total of 97 questionnaires were distributed in the classrooms during March Butcher [8] found out [4] Celis, M. Drawing on multidisciplinary literature, this paper provides an integrative review of the concept of deviance, examining its relationship with and application to hospitality management. Its headquarters is in Bengaluru, India.

Through these contributions, more graduating HRM students realize the essence of considering such factors in making their future career decisions that surely suitable for their chosen career path in the future. The restaurant is present in locations. Aurellano, Kristelle Diane P. A study, conducted by Kusluvan and Kusluvan , of four-year tourism and hotel management students, in seven different schools in Turkey, reported negative perceptions towards different dimensions of working in tourism. Remember me on this computer.

Content analysis method was used for obtained data. This philosophy has, in recent times been replaced by a more uncertain career structure; with employees frequently changing employers within their industry and many also pursuing work in different industries Inkson et al.

The Personal Qualities 3. This study shows that although the majority of students intend to work in the hospitality after graduation, they still do not see the industry as an appealing career path because many of the factors they find important in a career are missing. Log In Sign Up. One of the research objectives was to recommend a set of specific remedial actions that could be initiated by hospitality stakeholders to improve the image of the industry as a career choice.


Socioenvironmental sustainability actions in hotel management. Also the same satisfactory rating was given on Information skills by both the supervisor and interns. This research has four main objectives which are; 1. Remember me on this computer.

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The two subjects have exercised charisma in leading their respective companies to success. With regard to the Basic skills e.

research paper for bshrm students

Out of and curriculum program of the Department of Hotel and convenience and very limited time, the researcher used Restaurant Management of West Visayas State University — purposive sampling.

Casado and Sciarini found that on graduation most graduates believed they were qualified enough to work as an assistant manager and were looking for a position that was of a studehts level rather than an hourly operational position. Using Alexandria University as a case study, this paper will fill this gap and provide a base for further research in this area. In this way, the article majorly focuses on evaluating the impact of this new accommodation and services platform on customers’ behavior within the UK hotel industry.

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The data and findings of this study can also be used pp. Descriptive quantitative effective and ineffective project components may be design was used in this study.

Challenges for hospitality management in the new millennium’, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 11 4— An exploratory study of the influence of mobility and mentoring’, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 13 2— Implications for universities and employers’, Education and Training, 48 7— A self-administrated questionnaire was developed to rate the importance of 20 factors in influencing career choice, and the extent to which hospitality as a career offers these factors.


Thus, the purpose of this study is to reliability. To address competencies as defined by resources, interpersonal, creative learning activities e. The targeted population in this research includes all under and postgraduate students who study hotel management 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year and postgraduate students at the faculty of tourism and hotels, University of Alexandria.

The study surveyed 35 practicum students and 23 supervisors in different hospitality establishments in Iloilo City using survey questionnaire based from Competency Standards for hospitality related courses of the Commission on Higher Education CHED Memorandum Order No.

This test is applicable in this study as it intends to determine whether there are significant differences between the importance of factors in choosing a career and the extent to which students believe a career in tourism and hospitality will offer these factors.

research paper for bshrm students

Ironically, the graduates graduates. This is because critical thinking skills, oral and written of the high demand of the present industries. According to some of the above.

Thus, it is recommended for the school to orient http: Volume 1, issue 1. This industry has long been associated with poor image and lack of understanding on the opportunities offered Ahmad et al. Advanced positions — Jobs that require years of experience in a certain position. This situation explains the results of Zou et al.

Most of them also have their jobs relevant The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant to their field of expertise and are regular employees.