Archival Research Paper – Philippine Typhoons. Voice of America VOA 3. The plants are all a mess. About 30, families were evacuated. Ketsana dumped the heaviest rainfall on Metro Manila in more than four decades, officials said Sunday.

It includes any project in which existing documents or data are the units of observation. The group carefully examined the references they have gathered and made sure that it is related to their study. Total as per data gathered dead, injured,And missing Php 21 Billion est. Click or press enter to select the suggestion. The Carael section of the Zambales highway became impassable due to rising floodwaters. This school was established at the year and founded by the Philippine province of the Society of Jesus, the Ateneo de Davao aims to develop students through academic excellence, spiritual growth and social involvement.

The storms damaged hundreds of thatched houses, cut off villages and left many without electricity.

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The extreme weather has caused millions of dollars of damage to buildings as well as farmland, officials said. The group made their research paper.

It can also ressarch the schools when they will make try to help the victims of storms. The main focus will be on providing affected families with a package of food and non-food relief items including emergency shelter materials, water jerry cans and dry food. To what extent or impact did the typhoons bring to the Philippines from the year up to in terms of: Rescuers pumped water out of the tunnel so the mud can be cleared out.


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Severe Local Storm 4. Surfers, on the other hand, are attracted to the islands during the typhoon season as it brings the biggest waves. My sister visited Bayug and Orchids Subdivision aendong she said that the place seemed to look as a sort of a ghost town.

Learn more about ReliefWeb. Rrsearch first chapter presents the general situation of the city following the Typhoon Sendong flooding in From the data and photographs presented above, the group concludes that these typhoons have apper very high and costly impact to the Philippines starting from the year up to It would take the victims weeks or even longer to recover not just financially but in every aspect that defines their being such as how to handle the emotional distress from the sudden tragedies they experience.

We only had two choices, to cross the flood and go the other way or to wait for a jeepney to pass us by. Qatar Red Crescent Society 1.

From county disaster chiefs to the federal government, emergency officials are warning the public to be prepared. Syrian Arab Republic 7.

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Meanwhile, flood water continued to enter our house, so we put our refrigerator, washing machines, electric fan, and other appliances about a table high. By July 13, only one person had been rescued while the 19 others still remain missing. Staff Integrity — We maintain a workforce who adhere to high moral and ethical principles. Because of this, environmentalists believe that the rate of endemism for the Philippines is likely to rise.


Macasandig, today Tropical cyclone Sendong affected more than a million people and destroyed or damaged 51, houses. Refine the results by adding specific criteria. More than 2, people were rescued from the hardest hit areas. Retrieved April 23, The remnants of Hurricane Katrina are still evident in New Orleans even as efforts to rebuild the city are still under way. Hundreds of people with generous hearts donated and offered help to the flood victims.

The heavy rains and strong winds of a typhoon can cause great loss of life and billions of dollars in property damage.

research paper about typhoon sendong

While Sendong did not exceed Signal No. And when the winds have finally stopped, it was the only time I was able to go papef sleep. Across the Cagayan de Oro river basina localized heavy rain event occurred during Tropical Storm Washi’s passage. The examination lasted for several days.

research paper about typhoon sendong

When I was preparing at the kitchen, the rug I was stepping on was soaked I though it was just a leak from the sink. A typhoon is also a natural disaster. Almost 50, people who lost their homes are in shelters.