It is unlikely that students will know their level of honors before the end of the term or graduation ceremony. The presentation can consist of either a paper presented during a panel discussion, symposium or a poster presentation. Application Deadline Students have the opportunity to apply at three different times before the Fall term begins. Mind, brain, thinking, and language. This provides an opportunity for students to receive course credit for the academic component of their work when they are:. If you are seriously interested in having a future career in psychology, the University of Michigan Psychology Department is one of the best in the world to help you do that.

Annalyn Ng Li-ting – Quantity vs. Davia Steinberg – Desperately Seeking Support: The Psychology faculty member would be responsible for entering your electronic course permission request if applicable , entering your grade, and answering Psych-specific questions ex. PSYCH Faculty Directed Advanced Research for Psychology credits Arrangements may be made for adequately prepared students to undertake individual research of their own design under the direction of a faculty member. May not be repeated for credit. The Honors sequence is a 2-semester commitment the student’s final 2 semesters.

If you are unable to complete your thesis as planned, there are two options available to you.

psych honors thesis umich

Students are expected to submit their application by one of the deadlines set yearly June and August to begin during Fall term. Keyword Search of psych 0″ v-on: Submit a completed application form directly to the professor whose lab you are applying to work in go to application link for detailed instructions.


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Accelerated Master’s Degree Program. The honors coordinator also handles senior major releases for psychology honors program students.

The Honors Program allows advanced students to collaborate directly with a faculty mentor to complete an original research project. Apply for the Al Cain Honors Award. Mindfulness in the Dynamic Work Environment Mentors: Maria Tocco – Emotional Telescoping: If the 1st falls on a weekend, the thesis will be due on the following Monday.

You can ask to meet with them to discuss working with them on an independent study or an honors project!

psych honors thesis umich

Karen Wullaert – Harassment in the Workplace: Keyword Search of psych 0″ v-on: Course content, assignments, meeting times and grade requirements are arranged with a psychology faculty member. Claire Kalpakjian and Terry Robinson.

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For students with strong academic records and an interest in research, the honors program can serve as a capstone for their undergraduate studies, and as important preparation for graduate studies. The Anne Rudo Memorial Scholarship is an LSA scholarship for which students majoring or with an academic interest in both psychology and biology are eligible.

psych honors thesis umich

A Qualitative Analysis of Police Practices. Graduates wear their cap, gown and honors cords for this event.

Edelstein Lolita Moss – Still in the Shadows: Current Psychology Department majors in or applying to the Psychology Honors Thseis, who will be presenting their research at a major regional e. Let us help you! The earlier we are made aware of possible problems, the more able we will be to help you resolve the problem and come up with possible alternatives. A Mixed-Methods Investigation Mentors: Students completing a Senior Thesis have the same expectations and requirements as Honors thesis students – the only difference is the GPA requirement.


Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn. The undergraduate program in Psychology offers two areas of study: Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn.

The Department of Psychology provides statistical consultants to help students with data management and analysis. Tanner rose to international prominence as a co-author of Signal Detection Theory.

Students who wish to begin Winter term have one deadline to submit their application in December. There are several steps you need to take to document your status: Margaret Cease – The Presence of Memory: You can’t have a password that is an actual peych, and the password does need to include some kind of upper case, lower case, number and symbol.

Even if you participated in the freshman and sophomore Honors Program, you must still specifically apply and be approved to declare honors.