Estimating quotients with 2-digit divisors. Make and Test Generalizations In 1 through 4, make a generalization for each set of polygons. How many degrees are in a circle? What shape would you use? Name two intersecting streets. Metric Units of Length Wednesday Lesson

Determine the reasonableness of a solution Wednesday Topic 5 review: Variables in algebraic expressions Tuesday Step Up Math lesson 3: Make a Plan – Decide how you will go about solving the problem. Prime and composite Friday Lesson Look at the pictures.

problem solving make and test generalizations practice 16-11

Multiplication word problems quiz. Solve – Put your plan into action Chapter This PDF book include algebra 2 practice problem solving workbook answers document. Make and Test Generalizations A generalization is a statement that has drawn a conclusion about something. Let’s look at the following example. Problem Solving-Division with remainders. Swanson’s Class Web Site.

Course: 4th Grade Math-3rd Quarter

Equivalent Fractions and Decimals Wednesday Lesson He buys 80 eggs each time he goes to the store. Estimating Quotients for greater dividends Friday Lesson Understand – Think about the details of the problem. Students will complete a practice test on Monday. Twelve Bridges Elementary School.


problem solving make and test generalizations practice 16-11

You can picture the one side of the angle as tracing out a circle or an arc of a circle. Extending Tables Wednesday Lesson Perimeter and area State test prep: A trapeziod has only one pair of parallel sides. Units of weight Thursday Lesson Think about WHAT excatly in prob,em problem asking you to solve or find. Prime and composite Friday Lesson Make and Test Generalizations For Exercises 1 through 3, use the images to make a generalization and test your generalizatiobs.

Problem Solving- Division with no remainders. Explain why or why not.

problem solving make and test generalizations practice 16-11

It has two sets of number. Comparing Fractions Thursday Lesson for Weekly outline Site Key. Each box holds 30 erasers.

Place value relationships Thursday Lesson You can ppractice the product to find about how many? Meanings of division Wednesday Lesson How can you use this information to help you solve the problem.

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Solving money problems State test prep: Maake set goes from 0 to one way, one set from 0 to the other way. Solving measurement problems State test prep: How many people can sit at the long table? All Rights Reserved