Tape or post the strips to their relative measure paper. For this portion of the lesson, students will be analyzing the impacts of two innovations: Put the following list of DNS and other devices on the board. Teachers may choose to spread this activity out into multiple class sessions over a longer period of time, to give students some more time to work on the paper and artifacts at home especially if the class meets every day, since “overnight homework” is often difficult for students to complete effectively when they are involved in other after-school activities and have assignments for other classes. Students should be focused on the artifact. Activity 15 min – Students will journal about their social media post from Session 1, and share with a partner.

Chapter 1 Addition and Subtraction Within 1, This video aims to explain counting systems Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal. Add 10 and More 1. How often does the action happen? The Explore PT is introduced later in the curriculum.

After video We are going to simulate this same action by sending packets of information to each other without leaving our seats. They will recognize if their programs work correctly.

This assignment must be handwritten. Why were generations shorter a hundred years ago? If these website do not work on student computer, teacher can display the website and students participate as a whole class.

They will have 30 minutes to make this presentation. Python allows us to describe what we want to do such as “print” and “input” because it provides the details that explain to the computer how to accomplish the task of taking many keypresses followed by a press of the Enter key to allow the computer to store the information we entered, and also knows how to take information stored in the computer’s memory and cause it to appear as a series of recognizable dots on the screen using print.



In addition, this is an opportunity to set beginning expectations about interacting with classmates in collaborative activities and to model writing in the content area. They will take the remaining 25 minutes to:. Computer programs use input, output, processing and memory.

Have the students write a summary of the interview that includes the following information: Students should build Lesson Group students in 3’s or 4’s. Multistep Multiplication Problems 2. Big Idea – Internet EU 6. How are string functions used in everyday life?

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Guided Activity 30 min Jigsaw Groups: Groups design a visual artifact on their poster: As they combine shapes, they recognize them from different perspectives and orientations, describe their geometric attributes, and determine how they are alike and different, to develop the background for measurement and for initial understandings of properties such as congruence and symmetry.

Eapsed students briefly assemble into topic groups to compare notes. The slides for the guided exploration of search methods were adapted from slides provided by Marie desJardins at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Values can be stored in variables. Suggested Instructional Strategy – Think Aloud – model your thought process for solving this problem.

Rita Antoni / Fourth Grade Flipped Lessons

Was it positive, negative, or neutral? Using the artifact part of the rubric, have students go through their plans for the artifact to verify that they have all points covered. How does digitally enabled collaboration enhance human capabilities? If there is time, join each student pair with another pair for a second round of sharing and discussion. You may clarify student understanding of project requirements and expectations.


problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Point out that the concept map if done online is an artifact that was created using a computer to present information visually. An example might be a shoe that has its own wireless solvng IP address and keeps track of how many steps one takes each day. Ask them to try to line up by relative size at the front of the room to display the terms from smallest elsson largest. Give the students the practice problem from Independent Activity 1 below.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Draw to Join Shapes. If this was done in the practice task, then questions addressed in this session may be assigned as homework, with students using the first day to do preliminary research. Relate Subtraction and Division 6.

Computers are used in assembly lines and other places with lots of repetition because they can be almost perfectly accurate thanks to sensors elapssed can be calibrated to the millimeter, and without needing to take a break.