Pili at Pillow – Facebook”. Lola Nidora then asks the Rogelios to chaperone Yaya Dub on her way to the date, to make sure everything goes well. Tinidora is very happy that they can finally ditch their disguises after Yaya left for the province. Retrieved 18 March There are a few days left before the big event.

The flyers for the Missing Person s that they previously distributed are now showing up on different parts of the world, and many are aiding in their search of Alden and Yaya Dub. She indicates that the 1-foot rule is still enforced. Indonesia ended on April 3, due problem ratings solved by the sudden departure of their main head host in However, the show youtube returned to bulaga airwaves on November 17, on its new home network, antvwith the new title, The New Eat Bulaga! Tinidora then advises Yaya to pray every day. Now that the prophecy is drawing near, Yaya Dub admits that she had a fearful dream the previous night that an old woman was looking at her and invited Yaya to an old house. Suddenly, some of the Rogelios arrive at the scene with the appearance of being beaten. For her part, Nidora notices that Isadora has changed.

problem solving eat bulaga april 8 2015

Seemingly probleem, DuhRizz apologizes to Yaya and leaves the scene in hysterics. The mysterious caller calls again and threatens to burn the Secret Diary and Lola Nidora begs Alden to give her the money. Retrieved 18 April This fulfills one of the 3 conditions Lola Nidora gave to the couple before allowing Yaya to perform.


During the tribute, it was revealed that Magalona coined the word ‘Dabarkads’, a ;roblem name to the Eat Eat family.

problem solving eat bulaga april 8 2015

Alden wat presents Yaya with lollipops that say “AlDub You”. Alden writes “Maine-mahal kita” but edits it to say “Mainenamahal kita”; both are a play on the phrase “minamahal kita” I love you. Retrieved August 17, Retrieved 9 November Nidora then promises Yaya that she will give something to her on Monday.

EAT BULAGA Juan For All, All For Juan April 15 2015 FULL EPISODE PART [1/10] | 720p HD

GMA News in Tagalog. Retrieved 27 June Retrieved 11 August She wants Yaya and Alden to switch places: Multiple-camera setupsplit screen.

Their happiness is short-lived when Dra. Twenty Four Hours and Counting – Facebook”. After solvint misses, they finally see each other from a distance; but before they could make physical contact, a wall of plywood falls and separates them. They also do not want a place that is dirty, crowded and doesn’t have any water. Retrieved 11 February Lola Nidora is confident however that Alden will surrender when he faces the next challenge. To her relief, Alden gets out from the van and gives roses to the Lolas.

Retrieved 16 March Retrieved August 26, Desperate to get the money, Alden attempts to leave the Broadway studio. Retrieved 6 April Alden accepts and completes the challenge, much to Yaya Dub’s delight. Sorita says that many can relate to Yaya 22015 situation, portrayed as an ordinary woman who hopes for someone popular or a ” prince charming ” Alden Richards to notice her. While Frankie signs the check, the police arrive and arrest the pastor under charges of illegal recruitment and falsification of documents.


They are cupcakes that Yaya personally has baked and want apeil share with him. Dora then proceeds to give them medicine for Jose’s pockmarked face, Alden’s bruises, and Lola Nidora’s anger.

Yaya Dub looks cheerful today.

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CS1 Tagalog-language sources tl. KalyeSerye Day – Knock!

Alden volunteers to help and comes aptil later, looking equally as shabby and unkempt. She then tells Yaya and Alden that the right time for them to meet is near.

German Moreno’s Power Tandem Award.