This is a good place to start. I had accomplished neither. Although I did not consider salary when making my career decisions, it is an important consideration for students to think about as many of us have student loan debt and families to provide for. Every person that has been accepted to medical school is talented, intelligent, and great test takers. Just remember what job you are applying for.

As a committee member, I received a batch of applications to look over before we sent out interview invitations. Organize your personal statement to convey attributes attractive to your respective specialty. I hope it went well! Do not use your statements to discuss a negative situation. Subscribe Enter your e-mail address to receive notifications when new posts go up! Your personal statements should convey a positive light. It can be exhausting and not worth the effort to do it for every single program.

I worked in the Transitional Care Unit leading activities including wheelchair aerobics, art therapy and pet therapy.

It was heartwarming to have a positive impact on this family and showed me the value of possessing effective communication skills in building the patient-doctor relationship. Telling a story of an impactful patient that lead to your journey to go into your chosen field is a safe road.

Know your audience Are you applying for orthopedics or pediatrics? Sure, you might only be going into internal medicine so you can become an interventional cardiologist. I demonstrated attribute number 1 when I did this Paragraph 3: Free Shipping on Medical Books!! We’re hoping to add more in the future, including Pre-Med statemenr statements.


How Can I Best Prepare to be a Good Residency Candidate

Like any other staatement, having a well-rounded application is important. For now, the key is purpose. During my first two years of medical school I was able to work with three different Physiatrists introduced me to a field where I witnessed the long-term relationships that developed between doctor and patient, as well as the opportunity to be the leader of a rehabilitation team.

Every person that has been accepted to medical satement is talented, intelligent, and great test takers. For instance, a goal I set in my personal statement was to paint a picture of a patient without sharing the underlying diagnosis.

pm&r personal statement

Since then I have been drawn to a career where I am involved in helping people achieve optimum function and recover from similar experiences where dreams seem lost and rehabilitation can be difficult. During my career, I have read hundreds of personal statements. I was shocked at the number of personal statements that did not articulate why the applicant wanted to go into their medical specialty.

Not because of the style of the essay but because of what attributes those essays will convey. If you have to discuss a negative situation, however, make sure you address how it impacted you and made you a better person. Instead, be very humble in your personal statement. This is not that time. Personality is also very important, as it takes pretty caring and compassionate people to be providers for individuals with disabilities as well as an ability to work with a multi-disciplinary team.


In addition to a student’s application, their interview day with a residency program will be very important. I had accomplished neither. Most senior athletes were complimented on either a winning season or a season of hard work.

pm&r personal statement

I would like to learn in an environment that encourages a close relationship with the patients as well as the other residents and faculty. On the other hand, if you do get an interview offer, your first impression could be tainted by any red flags in your personal statement.

Psrsonal Me My name is Andrew and I am a first year resident training to be an ophthalmologist. While screaming incoherently and sprinting off of her boarding flight my patient suddenly collapsed. I value structured training with diversity of exposure to patients and facilities. That is what we are looking for in an applicant.

Choosing a SpecialtyPesonal to match in? Then tie those attributes back into the backbone of your story to build the rest of your skeleton. So here are a few pearls of wisdom pm&t how to write your residency personal statement.

How To Write Your Residency Personal Statement (And a copy of mine!) | Kitty Katz, MD

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