While these samples are representative of the content of, they are not comprehensive nor are they thfeatures such as craters and clouds. This supports my hypothesis as it shows increasing height also increases the distance travelled in air. Ibtisam Awow 10P Physics Coursework Shape of Object The more streamlined an object is the less air particles hitting it to slow it down as it is more capable of slicing through the air. Impact craters physics coursework. Place tray of sand at We have a sufficient area for the marble to land the end of the runway.

The height from which a ball a simple model of an asteroid or meteor is dropped and the diameter of its impact crater. Air Resistance Use the same object Air resistance is a force for all trials. Decision What we found from our preliminary? This repeated value would be used in the calculation of the average for as it is more reliable and accurate. Physics Coursework Impact Craters.

Plastic or rubber Both plastic and rubber provide flexibility though runway? The height from which a ball a simple model of an asteroid or meteor is dropped and the diameter of its impact crater.

Coursework Practical Coursework is a really important part of many Physics courses and so it is vital that you understand what to do in order to be successful.

Sand 3 kg So we are able to identify where the marble lands so we can measure it so we can gather results. Unable to do more than More time and Increasing the number 3 trials. Upon reviewing my graph, my results seem rather accurate as the error bars are relatively small.

The internal structure of planets, the atmospheres, planetary surfaces, mapping, the nature of volcanoes and what we can learn from impact craters all make fascinating topics for a planetary geologist.


Physics coursework craters

Skip to main content. Tray 45x30x8 We have a sufficient area for the marble to land thus preventing it from rolling far away.

physics crater coursework secondary data

Height of Runway If the height of the runway increases, the maximum amount of GPE the object has at launch also increases, causing more energy to be transferred into kinetic energy assuming the amount of friction and air resistance are negligible.

Using millimetres would mean more room for error as the increment is so small compromising accuracy. The differences between results gets lower and lower every time and will eventually level off because as the height increases, gradient decreases and so corsework marble will drop instead of rolling off and gaining momentum.

physics crater coursework secondary data

This increases reliability in my primary data as the results are so similar. The highlighted figure is an outlier which was in the range of the previous trial.

Polygonal impact craters on Dione: The runway is 1. This review also discusses how small craters can sometimes be used to derive meaningful age constraints.

Impact craters physics coursework

Making Impact Craters Overview. Log In Sign Up. This had the lowest uncertainty value suggesting it was one of the most repeatable. This can help explain any anomalous results. But what about other students?

The accuracy of the results can be determined by assessing the size of the error bars. On the contrary the error bar did not go through the line of best fit suggesting otherwise.

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One evidence for this idea is that there are craterr secondary craters nearby.

Velocity is the speed of an object with direction and the equation is: The Aim of this investigation is to determine relationships between the following variables:. The average was rounded to the nearest whole number.

physics crater coursework secondary data

The purpose of this experiment is to find out whether the height of a ramp potential energy will affect the distance travelled by a toy car kinetic energy. They used a toy car instead of a marble, this is a not a significant difference as the trend of the graph is the same and focuses around the same concept. This means that the crater will stay the same from a certain height and above the science coordination group revision guide for gcse double science, physics higher level.

Data on high school physics Reports in this series provide data on enrollments by type voursework course, teacher backgrounds and opinions, representation of females and underrepresented minorities, and teacher perceptions about teaching conditions and textbooks.

Atomic and Nuclear Physics.