Responses to current year UHC essay questions required. He is being jointly supervised by Stephen Ramsey and Dr. Because it fulfills the writing intensive course requirement for the International Degree, it will involve multiple drafts and revisions. Check out this welcome message from our current students and alumni from around the globe! I am able to serve as a thesis advisor for graduate students in: General International Degree Requirements You must successfully complete all departmental, college, and institutional requirements for your primary degree.

Loss of two Akt isoforms in hematopoietic cells diminished monocyte and macrophage survival and reduces atherosclerosis in Ldl-receptor null mice. Scholarships In support of the overseas learning experience, the International Degree Program has funds available to assist students traveling abroad and to assist with costs associated with research for your thesis. Additional College and Departmental Requirements Foreign Language Majors To earn the International Degree you must complete the second foreign language required of a language major through the fourth-year level. Experience Abroad Students must spend a minimum of 10 weeks in another country where the language used to meet the International Degree requirement is spoken and be engaged in one of the following: Kendra Jackson and Isabella Karabinas are biochemistry and molecular biology juniors. Please talk to the International Degree office for more information.

As a senior scientist in Alan Aderem’s laboratory at the Center for Infectious Disease Research, Stephen worked on computational methods for mapping gene regulatory networks.

See you in Boston! This is usually a week before finals week. Approved for entry into archive by Sue Kunda sue.

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thesiis Title The influence of solar panels on local hydrology and plant ecology. An international student whose native language is not English who wishes to use English to satisfy the foreign language entrance requirement will have satisfied the requirement upon admission to OSU. The Molecular and Cellular Biology Program has approved Stephen’s appointment to their graduate faculty. If you are in the University Honors College, you will work with both uhv Honors College and the International Degree office to ensure that you fulfill both sets of requirements.


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Students must demonstrate advanced level achievement or proficiency in a single foreign uhhc in one of the following ways:. Title Teaching Gravitational Potential Energy: Download PDF of this page.

The topic will evolve as you work, and may change substantially, but identifying an appropriate advisor and developing a proposal form are crucial steps in your progress toward completion theiss the thesis requirement of the International Degree. The honors thesis requirements will complement those of other programs requiring a senior thesis.

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During this course, you will receive a copy of uhx guide, Preparing a Senior Thesis. The final requirement for the degree is to prepare a rigorous and integrative senior thesis, which demonstrates a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of global issues and of the international dimensions of your primary degree.

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The graduation audit will be done along with and in the same fashion as for your primary degree by your major department. The dean of your college may give you special consideration if you fall below this minimum. Stephen gave a lecture on systems biology in the BRR seminar series. Steve receives an NSF Career Award for his project to investigate the effects of genetic variants in the noncoding genome.


Dynamic analysis of MAPK signaling using a high-throughput microfluidic single-cell imaging platform.

He is being jointly supervised by Stephen Ramsey and Dr. Typically, this requirement is met by completing the third term of a fourth-year language sequence at OSU. This course must constitute a minimum of 4 quarter or 3 semester credits.

oregon state uhc thesis

Generally speaking, high school applicants must have a 3. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Cell Molec Life Sci If ooregon change majors after admission to the International Degree Program, you will have to reapply for admission to the International Degree Program in your new department. Ilya Shmulevich thesiw from the Institute for Systems Biology. However, despite the new breadth of access, perhaps the depth of the resulting social networks is not equally adequate.

By analyzing these network models, we aim to identify new disease mechanisms or therapeutic targets. If you are pursuing two degrees besides the International Degree, you only need to apply for the International Degree in one department.

oregon state uhc thesis

Completion of one term of a third-year foreign language course i. Benton Habitat for Humanity. Stephen gave a research seminar at the University of Tampere in Finland.

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Read some of Dr. This course must constitute a minimum of 3 quarter or 2 semester credits. J Bioinform Comp Biol.