Would you like us to review something? This is not what assessors are looking for. And here are 10 more useful resources to check out and improve your case interview knowledge:. Interview Questions How many steps did it take you to walk here? Overall, working at this company seemed incredible and I have no idea what put them off me, but I will be re-applying as soon as I can.

Your feedback has been sent to the team and we’ll look into it. Upload your CV or any other relevant document so that the expert can fine-tune the session to your needs. There are often numerous different correct answers to a case study, and at this level they do not expect you to solve their problem as they are often real problems that the consultancies are dealing with or have in the past , as otherwise you would be interviewing for a Partner position. Blackstone Real Estate Debt Strategies: There was only one CV based questions.

Didn’t manage to proceed to the interview. Notes for Technical Interview Questions.

oc&c case study test

What should we prioritise? Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Fairly standard test with numerical and verbal parts. Debt Collection and Credit Management Course 8: Are you sure you want to remove this interview from being featured for this targeted profile?


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Our company could go online but analysis of competitors shows we lag behind in total shop area. Upload your CV or any other relevant document so that the expert can fine-tune the session to your needs. Hello, The ‘case study’ is a type of interview, not a specific question.

See you on the other side! What is the size of the UK market for water machines? Propose meeting Send message. They then give you a break for lunch, when they will call you to inform whether or not you passed to the final round, which consists of two interviews with Partners. CO Resources See all Question: However, their interview prep section is surprisingly lacking.

OC&C Interview

Graduates on internet forums have reported recent interview questions to be: What kind of stuff do they ask and how should I prepare? Interview Questions Estimate the size of the interactive whiteboard market in the US.

Interview Questions Two one-on-one case based interviews. Interview Did two 1: See Highest Ranked Comments. Consisted of two minutes interviews, with a mix of CV and case-style questioning. I was looking forward to speaking with cade partners more about their vision for the company, as it has immense scope in international markets.


oc&c case study test

Interview Questions Nothing unexpected really The interviewer was friendly and reasonably helpful. Log in now Keep me logged in. Recent Jobs See all. Follow Add an Interview. Upvote 0 Add a comment. Sign up with LinkedIn.

To be fair the cqse wasn’t hard – it was a general market sizing question with some additional follow-ups but I messed up an important assumption. Does any know the format of L.

General Numeracy Problem Solving. It was a good interview experience except that their HR did not respond at all when I asked xase feedback after receiving the generic rejection email.

oc&c case study test

Interview Standard case studies market sizing etc and discussion of CV and extra curricular activities.