Drawing album and records – Tables showing chronology of teeth. Be competent to treat dental diseases which are occurring in child patient. Clasps, Bows and springs used in the removable appliances. Develop attitude to seek opinion from allied medical and dental specialists as and when required. Future directions and controversial questions in periodontal therapy – Future directions for infection control Research directions in regenerative therapy Future directions in anti-inflammatory therapy Future directions in measurement of periodontal diseases F. Sconto Lopressor Metoprolol In linea:: Table — 3 Diagnostic and operative procedures performed Admission year:

More cases discussions and cases to be taken up. Facial spaces and their relations. The trainee should make presentations from the allotted journals of selected topics. Pharmacotherapy of common oral conditions in dentistry. Institute o f Clinical Research, Bombay. Postings in the department of anatomy and histology for slide discussion.

Congenital anomalies of face, jaws, teeth and other parts of above mentioned.

ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Circulatory shock, hypertension, cardiac failure. Oral manifestations of systemic diseases.

ntruhs dissertation guidelines

The dissertation shall be referred to the Examiners for the MOS examination The actual format of clinical examination in various specialities. Impression of upper and lower arches in alginate Wound management – Wound healing, factors influencing healing, basic surgical techniques, Properties of suture materials, guidelinex use of sutures.

Commemorate the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, ratified on August 8,which allowed 24 million American women to vote, and consider if women voting made a difference in the s and beyond. Dental Public Health 1. Anatomy Development of face, paranasal sinuses and associated structures and their anomalies; surgical anatomy of scalp temple and face, anatomy and its applied aspects of triangles of neck, deep structures disserttation neck, cranial facial bones and its surrounding soft tissues, cranial nerves, tongue, temporal and infratemporal region, orbits and its contents, guidelibes of face and neck, paranasal sinuses, eyelids and nasal septum, teeth, gums, palate, salivary glands, pharynx, thyroid and parathyroid glands, larynx, trachea and esophagus, congenital abnormalities of orofacial regions.


For determining the academic merit competitive examination will be conducted by Dr. To attend dental camps and to educate the masses. Professional honesty and integrity are to be fostered. guodelines

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Cross infection, infection control, infection control procedure, sterilization and disinfection. Internal assessment should be based on the evaluation of the log book.

Exocrine glands of head and neck. Structure with relevance to laboratory diagnosis, type of infection, laboratory tests and their interpretation, universal precautions, specific precautions dissertatjon recent trends in diagnosis and prophylaxis. Internal examiners shall be from the same college.

Synopsis 79 Exercises in Detail: Tumors of salivary glands 47 – Physical and chemical injuries of oral cavity. Basic principles of orthopaedic surgery, bone diseases and trauma as relevant to Maxillofacial Surgery, interpretation of radiographs, CT, MRI and Ultrasound.

Dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Implants in qualitatively Compromised bone —Watzek Biology of the Periodontal Connective Tissues —P. Australian Dental Journal 5. Records to be maintained.

The dissertation work should have been accepted by the examiners appointed by Dr. Scholastic essay competition malaysia holiday dissertation kcl classics ohio dissertation guidelines ntruhs pg persuasive essay on high school sports halls.

Students will write one paragraph weekly, focusing on nrruhs organization and format of the paragraph itself. Qualifications for a Professor and Head of the Postgraduate Department: Medical emergencies – Prevention and management of altered consciousness, hyper sensitivity reaction, chest discomfort, respiratory difficulty.


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Candidates not possessing a recognized dental qualification for the above purpose should secure the 5 prior buidelines of his qualification by the Dental Council of India before he can be admitted into MDS course.

Staff Signature Case 52 Name: Theory written Examination Theory examination for MDS courses shall consist of four question papers, each of three hours duration. diszertation

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

The above objectives are to be achieved by the time, the candidate complete the course. In case of absence or leave of any PG student, they have to inform in writing to the HOD or staff ntrugs in-charge and request any of Co-PGs to attend their work or patient in their absence.

Space Maintainers and Habit breaking appliances 82 7 To disserattion 13 To 24 25 To 36 Months Months Months 17 2 10 5 17 2 10 5 11 1 5 guidwlines 7 1 4 2 50 30 40 20 10 50 50 10 10 30 15 04 06 05 25 05 10 10 20 15 20 30 03 02 02 50 07 03 08 70 10 10 10 50 05 30 10 01 08 20 02 12 20 02 10 20 05 07 08 Advance knowledge of minimal intervention dentistry.