Will you be able to engage in public outreach and education more easily with a secure source of funding? The tone and specificity of your application should reflect your level. Sizes of sections are approximate. Want one of your graduate students to win a GRFP? Remember that the GRFP recognizes individuals based on their demonstrated potential for significant achievements in science and engineering.

Schedule a lunch meeting and stay in touch throughout the application process. Start with review articles, and look in the Discussion or Conclusions for ‘future research directions’ or ‘knowledge gaps’. You may choose to include important literature citations. State how the support of the NSF will impact your future career Will you leverage the fellowship to explore new and impactful ideas without established funding? Experiences are the core of your essay and help you build your story. How has scientific research helped you better understand society, the environment, etc? I have read some successfully funded essays where the authors speak very little of their previous research some applicants don’t have much previous research experience , but they instead decided to focus on something that made them stand out from the crowd.

Personall things that could land you in the ‘reject’ pile are: Applicants can improve their chances of obtaining strong reference letters by doing the following: The list goes on and on, but each one has a history, and a culture that has developed over the years.

Rosenfeld from Stanford University analyzes llama bone remains from pre-Columbian sites in Cuzco, Peru. Here’s the schedule I tried to stick to both times I applied: Don’t treat them as an afterthought.

For example, panelists evaluating applications submitted to the Graduate Research Fellowship Program may consider the following with respect to the Huidelines Merit Criterion: What makes you unique?


NSF Fellowship

Your ideas and examples do personnal have to be confined necessarily to the discipline that you have chosen to pursue. Choose your references carefully; choose people that can speak to your abilities and potential, rather than someone with a prominent title. Please leave this blank. Experience only Experience and Meaning Sophomore year, I coded neutron transport algorithms.

NSF Personal Statement : NSE Communication Lab

Personal, Relevant Background, and Future Goals Statement 3 pages maximum This is how your review panel will get to know the real you. Thus, applicants are advised to select the Field of Study in the FastLane GRFP Application module see Fields of Study in Appendix that is most closely aligned with the proposed graduate program of study and research plan.

The GRFP website states that: If your transcript contains your academic records for more than one degree, you need to only upload your transcript once.

You may choose to include important literature citations. Research what has worked for others in the past. Experiences are the core of your essay and help you build your story.

NSF Personal Statement

Start with review articles, and look in the Discussion or Conclusions for ‘future research directions’ or ‘knowledge gaps’. Provide concrete achievements and outcomes like awards, discoveries, or publications. In my second year, I founded a new organization.

nsf grfp personal statement guidelines

Have you had to work on a team before? You want to make sure your proposal ends up persojal the ‘fund’ pile. Use statements about the meaning of experience as transitions between experiences. Don’t get bogged down in the specifics, or be overly technical.


NSF GRFP Advice – Mallory P. Ladd

How did your activities address the Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts shatement If you have completed more than 12 months of graduate or post-baccalaureate study or a professional degree and an interruption of at least two consecutive years fourth option under Completed Study in the NSF GRFP Program Information sectionplease address the reasons for the interruption in graduate study here.

Don’t be afraid to ask each of guieelines to include specific points you would like to highlight. When did you become interested in your research area, and what have you learned about it so far? An application that conveys a clear sense of who you are as a person, with a narrative that has energy and flow, will generally be better received than an application that is impersonal and flat.

What do I need to complete to apply? How will your graduate experience prepare you for a career that expands scientific understanding or benefits society?

nsf grfp personal statement guidelines

Bowen – Awardee and PhD candidate at Notre Dame Lots of great advice about writing, with examples of what not to do too. Intellectual merit and broader impacts personal statement 0. It’s helpful to see what others have done, and you’ll have a better idea of what the reviewers are looking for. An academic transcript is required for every institution you have listed in the application module.