See assignment on google classroom to be sure you have all required. Write a 3 sentence summary of Chapter ELA- Vocabulary in packet: Try to get an independent reading book if you are not currently reading one. Read pages in Home of the Brave. SS — Latitude and Longitude sheets.

Remember to define the themes at the top. Here is a great online game for practicing! Please make sure all thoughts are in the book thought document. The facts should be written in some way… for example you may send me an email, write info on an index card, create a slideshow, create a video, take 2 column notes… you choose. They finished the multiple choice portion of the test and will take the short answer and open response portions on Friday. Make sure that all of your science papers,etc are out of your hw folder and neatly sorted in your binder. After school help Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Make sure to use complete sentences and use most of the lines.

msms homework blog

Climate Quiz next Wednesday. Math — Quiz tomorrow!


msms homework blog

Remember, your book thoughts and book review are due Nlog, June 7th. Rock Cycle pg 39, 1. We went to the library today so that all students had a chance to select an outside reading book. Start surveying for your project!

MATH — Worksheet 1.

Show all steps and put work on a separate sheet of paper. The quiz is twenty multiple choice questions. SS — Finish North America map practice sheet, if needed. MATH — 1 Worksheet 7. ELA- Pronoun worksheet review for quiz. After school help today, Wednesday, and Thursday until 2: You must do both things to receive two points. homwork


You may look online if you get stuck on the complex sentences or use your notes. Words are listed at the top of page in textbook. Test on chapters for Zane and the Hurricane is Wednesday, October 17th. ELA- Four square vocabulary: Draw a quick sketch of your visualization from this chapter.

MSMS 8C Daily Homework

Remember to define the themes at the top. Write these examples in your green science notebook and use your top down web from class today to help you. You will receive a grade for this tomorrow.


Have a great vacation!

You have an extra night to study! Students need to have one book completed by Friday, December 21st. After school help Tuesday and Thursday next week until 2: This study guide must be completed for credit; it is not optional.

Write the question and answer in your notebook. Complete the four questions. What are some differences between Schoology glog Google Classroom? When you are working on a device, do you prefer and onscreen keyboard or an external keyboard?

8B Homework Assignments

ELA- Type final draft of personal narrative. Your book thoughts and review are due on Friday, March 29th. JogNog Review by Diana and Aaaliya.