This should be a well written paragraph in your science notebook. Remember, you do not have to do an example and non-example. Answer BOTH questions with complete sentences. Complete the two questions found in the pamphlet you received for Zane in class. You can hand write or type in Google Docs.

Question 25 and 26 are not in your packet. Words are listed on page 45 in your textbook. Use Review Sheet and do the practice quiz on page 23 in the textbook 1 We will have literature circles to prepare for the quiz. Here is a great online game for practicing!

7A Social Studies-Mrs. O’Connell

Building Measurements only due Friday. ELA- Read your independent reading book. Make sure that all of your science papers,etc are out of your hw folder and neatly sorted in your binder.

Draw a quick sketch of your visualization from this chapter. Use the grid sheet to given to you in class. ELA- Double sided sentence worksheet. Use the examples and your notes to help you!


The quiz is twenty multiple choice questions. Think about which type of project you would like to do. Words are listed at the top of page in textbook. HR D is split. Words are on page in your textbook. Use your Review Sheet to help you. Answer questions in your packet.

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Use your study guide, notes, class work and homework to help you. Tables and Graphs worksheet. Homewori with review sheet and do practice quiz on page in textbook.

ELA- Complete the pamphlet for the end of the novel.

msms homework blog

This is due on Monday. Seterra ELA- Read independent reading book. On a music teacher group on Facebook. MATH — Worksheet You can hand write or type in Google Docs. You can receive two extra credit points for having study evidence. How often do you have online homework in a week?

When you are working on a device, do you prefer and onscreen keyboard or an external keyboard?


8B Homework Assignments

Your 5 book thoughts and 1 book review are due Friday, March 29th. Remember to use your textbook. Tuesday, April 2, April Homework.

msms homework blog

SS — European Union questions due Thursday. Review Homweork needs to be completed by Wednesday. Remember to include the title, page numbers, headings, subheadings, and vocab.

Use your study guide and chapter questions to review. Remember to bring to class tomorrow to use as a guideline. Write a 3 sentence summary of Chapter After school help available Monday and Tuesday after vacation.

MATH — All surveying has to be done by tomorrow.