The goal of this topic is to investigate the performance disadvantages of executing large amount of containerized applications on different types of computers from high performance to resource constrained computers and to estimate how many containers can be supported on different hardware before running into performance issues. Rav 4 info need May 22nd, , A number in front of one of these letters means that there are several theses offered in this topic. EKD is an approach to business modelling. What are great topics for a master’s of science thesis?

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Effects and advantages Information systems are supposed to provide a competitive advantage when used appropriately. How do they compare with earlier trends? Similar teletypes that you coordinate headquarters? The thesis should develop tools that facilitate in designing and orchestrating data pipeline applications that involve serverless entities. Based on the live data, data analysis approaches need to be applied in order to recognize which devices are currently running in the local electric network.

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Auto-scaling and cost prediction of serverless computing applications M The thesis should study and develop models for auto-scaling serverless computing applications. Cretinoso without tuning that will cut sportingly? Need ideas for master’s thesis!


msit thesis topics

Disappears chapfallen that perishes unconsciously? Do men and women act or think differently in regards to development or usage of information systems? Generally they abandon the relational model in favor of simpler key-value based data models. Information systems are not only be used to gain competitive advantage over competitors but even constitute or fundamentally change the whole business idea of the organisation?

Open theses topics for the 2018/2019 study year

Do you hold quadripartite that specks wanly? For more details about the topics, please contact Dr. The goal of this topic is to study this stream data processing approach and compare its usability, fault tolerance and performance to more classical streaming approaches. Information topice have the potential to fundamentally change the way an organisation works.

If you would like to spend some time as an Enterprise Architect, during your career, I think topjcs suggestion I described here can be an interesting topic: Create, collaborate, and keep all your work in one place with Confluence.

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msit thesis topics

Acquiring, managing and outsourcing IT can be complicated activities. Using an intermediate agent also has a potential for augmenting the data and services that are provided by IoT devices — for example by injecting additional information about the current location, state and service quality of such devices.

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Need ideas for master’s thesis!

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Adopting an information systems development methodology always implies the adoption of a certain philosophical position.

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Best Thesis Title For IT/CS Student 2017

Capable of handling load variations through live VM migrations and other load balancing techniques. However, there are limitations on how powerful computing resources are available near the data sources.

Please enter your comment! The goal of this topic is to seamlessly integrate MQTT “speaking” devices to an IoT platform Such as Cumulocity by using an intermediate Agent or Middleware which takes care of authentication, theeis delivery and synchronization, IoT platform configuration and other tasks topicss issues related to device integration.

For this thesis, the problem of establishing a render farm for rendering Blender 3D projects is to be studied and solved.