Contradicting evidence is found by Gill et al. It explains what relations and outcome are expected of each of the hypotheses. Not much is written about both inventory management and the use of accounts payables during the time of a crisis. Nursing essay examples uk. This study will focus on large public listed firm, because of two reasons.

Meltzer was one of the first authors who found a suitable substitute for bank loans. He argued that companies increase their inventory levels to reduce the cost of possible production stoppages and the possibility of no access to raw materials and other products. Financial Review, 18 3 , pp. There are several motives for lower or higher levels of inventories and highly depends on what business a company is in. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 90 3 , pp. Working Capital Management and Corporate Profitability:

Inventories Raw materials, work-in-process, and finished product that the venture hopes to sell. Numerous regressions are held for this study, but four most implicating regression models for each regression equation are presented in the tables.

Current assets can be found on the left side of the balance sheet and are those assets that generate cash within one year. A Survey on Kenyan Listed Firms. Garcia-Ternuel and Martinez- Solano, The second reason is also based on the fact that this measurement focusses on the operational performance.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: He also argued that a firm can itwente a customer who acquires merchandise in a low demand period. Therefore the theory that indicates that a relaxed approach leads to higher risk is not proven. In this way, can be analysed what the effect is of accounts receivables during crisis periods after two mastee three quarters and not a whole year. Regression analyses In the following part the regression analyses are used to investigate the impact of WCM on corporate profitability for the crisis years and also the non-crisis years period.


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A Weighted Cash Conversion Cycle. The research should include multiple countries or at least a relative bigger country such as the United States, China or India. Contradicting evidence is found by Gill et al.

This is because these firms are relatively highly developed concerning their production and supply chain. This means that managers can create value for their firms, by keeping their working capital to a reasonable minimum.

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Matching results was found by Gill et al. A bigger percentage of This means that managers can create value for their firms, by keeping their working capital to a reasonable minimum. Scandinavian Journal of Utwene, 95 1pp. The control variable sales growth shows a positive relation on the dependent variables, which is consistent with the articles DeloofShin and SoenenFalope and AjiloreKaraduman et al.

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I therefore argue that future research should not study the combined evaluating measure of WCM, which is the CCC, but study accounts receivables, accounts payables and inventories individually. If this firm decides to give one of his customers more trade credit resulting with an increase of the average days of accounts receivables to 66 days, the profitability of this firm will decrease with First of all because of the vast amounts of data available on these firms, from both the periods before the crisis and during the crisis.

It can also be applied to the ISIC and SIC code, because the first two digits of a code of a company are the same for each of these three classification systems. This thhesis relation is still expected to exist during a crisis period, because the effects on profitability of accounts payables and inventories are not expected to change in times of a crisis.


Utwent first is allowing a delay in payment and second is by giving a discount in payment, which can be seen as a price reduction. A sample of 37 firms is used, which are among the fifty largest companies in The Netherlands. The difference between the lowest CCC of 4,39 days and thesi highest of ,32 days is staggering. While the average price per piece of inventory decreases the inventory levels. There are several reasons for this expectation.

Before the objective of this study is further elaborated, it will be proper to discuss the financial crisis of and first, in more detail.

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Mathias Bernard Baveld Student Number: All the other studies who studied the number of days inventories, such as Garcia-Teruel and Martinez-SolanoDong and SuRaheman and Nasr and Gill et al. The second utwenhe most important reason for firms to keep inventory levels low are the costs involved.

This is because in this study I evaluated the parts of the CCC individually and therefore management implications should be based on those more reliable individual analyses.