Falk, This definition of the museum visit is interesting, as it states that there are clear factors outside the museum that not only influences the visit but is actually a distinct part of it. This includes both examples I found out about in studies or other sources, as well as a series of museum visits I conducted. Also while I discuss some of the approaches in a general manner, the main point will be how relevant the measuring point is when using the approach on Dansmuseet, since that is the scope of this thesis. Facilitators will probably find it interesting, and since the poses can be shared after the activity has been partaken in there is room for interaction post-visit that facilitators might further cherish. For a result to be included in the search result, is it required to fit all added including parameters in at least one group and not fit all parameters in one of the excluding groups.

There is also an extra function in the app that is locked unless the user visits Tate Modern in London and activates it. Of the remaining three motivators none is specifically about learning, although that may happen as a byproduct of their interaction in the museum environment. As shown in figure 38 the first screen is very general, where the user can choose their language. However, the bulk of comparisons will be made in the Discussion chapter listed after this one. It is also significantly less complicated in its use of technology when compared to the other proposals that were created as part of the parallel design. Hudson et al, The i-Pads are connected to museum objects in the exhibition and they have QR-codes that users can tag.

An excellent point is by using the field of human-computer-interaction as an example, a field very relevant to this thesis that itself was a series of methods inherited from psychology and cognitive science Candy, This was also the idea that was deemed most compatible with factors inside Dansmuseet.

Biomechanics Solid Mechanics Div. One of the showcases 1. In a sense the assignment has been to improve the visit to the museum exhibit in terms of interactivity, and I will outline below what my research questions were and what general approach and method I chose to answer them.


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Rechargers could also probably enjoy this addition within the exhibition, if the material had a soothing nature. The theais question is if the impact of examples of implemented interactive media within museums are the same whether they are read about or visited first-hand.

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Noticing Strike-a-Pose Figure It does have a pretty high level of interactivity and a contrast to the established showcases so it does have a sense of playability as a concept. However I also wanted inspiration as well as an idea of what had already been done in the thesus.

The idea was that one part of the screen was where the user interacted with the application while another screen showed the changes taking place. The interactive showcase Masster stated during the presentation of the interactive showcase the idea with this kind of showcase is that it is an addendum. The last step in the exploratory design process is a parallel design step, which occurred due to an opportunity at KTH where a group of students participating in a class got the chance to contribute to this thesis, resulting in eight distinct proposals.

Trade union representatives You will find contact information to trade union representatives at KTH: The staff really appreciated the way this type of approach enhanced the focus on the actual exhibition and also recognized that such an approach would be quite feasible to implement. Points awarded matching artwork In figure 12 the visitor can either choose an existing tag or create a new tag and link it with an existing artwork.

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Strike a Pose Being basically a game it does activate visitors. The scope of this workshop was a little different than from the student-workshop as I here wanted to know what already proposed ideas existed in the museum, as well as what the technical possibilities where in the museum. However, even in the field of gaming, with examples like Nintendo Wii and the Xbox Kinect, there have been successful examples of utilizing intuitive and alternative ways to interact with media.


These memories become stronger depending on three factors: Through these steps I could define what constitutes the museum experience, specifically in the case of Dansmuseet. Still, the two approaches are similar even though Tom Tits is decidedly a science museum while Etnografiska is an art museum. Dance steps with connected Dance to Play was a proposal which was about using a different kind of interaction which is illustrated in figure Figure 4 shows the model version of the entrance to the main exhibition while figure 5 shows a more general theesis of the actual interior of the exhibition room.

The rechargers may theiss find this type of game in compliance with their objective of finding a soothing environment. Part-time First day of employment: It does not however provide any significant form of constructivism nor does it have any presence outside the museum.

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In terms of the theories I have discussed, this proposal does not interact with them significantly within the museum. The Dance Wall used a flat screen hanging on the wall. Interactive pictures with Figure It has a pretty broad scope in that it wants to relay information about different cultures and ethnicities.

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Overall masrer interviewees seemed positive to a quiz-type of game, but not necessarily another type of game. Our research and education covers a wide area including natural sciences and all branches of engineering, as ccsc as in architecture, industrial management, urban planning, history and philosophy.

Acknowledgement I would like to thank my supervisor Ylva Fernaeus for her help during the thesis work as well as the entire class of Interactive Design 2 whose contribution was crucial to the completion of the project. I also got an extensive tour at the museum to understand the ideas behind its core concept. Explorers might be curious to play with it somewhat but it is unclear if experience seekers or rechargers will find it interesting.