We believe in laws and killing people is extremely unlawful. That is an accepted tradition in the military services, as acceptable as dying in battle. In Boac, Marinduque , local officials, government employees, policemen, firemen, and barangay officials gathered in front of the “Bantayog sa mga Nagtanggol ng Inang Bayan” to offer their sympathies. The Society of Honor: Was it a star? Sending unarmed peacekeepers between firing units is obviously not the way. The answer to that will of course be for the president to resign.

An interesting perspective was raised by Gov. ICE deports Filipino murder suspect. He leveraged this well. Even if the Pres didnt give the approval, the operation is legitimate. P it is not a disaster waiting to happen, the disaster was is happening right at this very moment. The tribal people that became Filipinos later on were overwhelmed by this, it was too much for them to handle because cultures usually need generations to learn and adapt new ways of doing things. You have a crackerjack memory, and your spelling is superb.

According to him it is well know that the IS operational leadership is of the internet generation, understanding sesay power of dispersed resources, unlimited connectivity, videogame gimmicks and strategies… and Zulkifli was vital to them.

As truth commission drags on, the U. At a crucial stage of the crisis, the suspended CPNP Purisima provided inaccurate information from an unofficial source, which further massacfe the situation of the 55th SAC and 84th Seaborne in Mamasapano. We continue to remember them. But he failed to give in to that request.

It would require an executive session to esay this dialogue, but I believe all the conference rooms are spoken for. To honor those who perished, I am declaring a National Day of Mourning to symbolize the sorrow and empathy of our entire country.


He also violated the Special Order No.

mamasapano massacre essay

And countless military leaders have paid the price for losing battles. That is the problem with all this finger pointing and denial of accountability. FVR had a steep military ascendancy. If the peace process were derailed, how many more graves would we have to dig? This is why the SAF decided to withdraw and rendezvous with their companions, who were securing their exit route from the area where the encounter occurred.

We will gain justice, in time, through the right processes, and without letting go of our dreams to realize a widespread and lasting peace.

The Church should be at the forefront of instilling trust and selflessness but how can it do that when the members of the CBCP, the Bishops themselves, are corrupt at the most and coddlers of the corrupt.

My first inclination was to argue about that, but as I reflected on it, I do agree that there is missing some point of commonality among the diverse segments that make up the Philippines.

mamasapano massacre essay

The SAF troops raided the hut where they believed Marwan was located, and the man they believe to be Marwan engaged them in a firefight and was killed. Was it a twinkle from the MILF guns?

No amount of pecking will change anything.

Mamasapano clash

That says, in order, Santiago, Duterte, Cayetano. The Armed Forces of the Philippines also conducted a rescue operation to save the remaining 29 SAF survivors who were encircled by the enemies. Please like, share or tweet if you like this post.


It is this me first mentality that is the root cause of all that affects our country. Adjusting laws and procedures being more important.

Lessons from Mamasapano | Inquirer Opinion

This article sums it up well: I prefer to use the 70 billion put them down once and for all. Those who refuse to listen to the peace negotiators are themselves culprits assuring further hostility.

The New York Times. Who am I to judge when even the priests and bishops themselves associate themselves with these known corrupt people. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The only reason it reached the office of the pres is esxay get funding. That is a great tragedy of this incident, beyond the deaths. Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito calls the human rights body to also protect the rights of government security forces and not only those of activists and media people.

February 20, at 3: This is what they want the resource persons to say. Their mission was massaacre serve outstanding arrest warrants to two notorious terrorists who have long been pursued by authorities, namely Abdulbasit Usman and Zulkipli Bin Hir, alias Abu Marwan. The clash has been dubbed as the biggest loss of government elite force in history.