Evidence has shown that agricultural growth has benefitted millions through higher incomes more plentiful and cheaper food, and by generating pattern of development that are development-intensive and benefit both rural and urban areas. It is a traditional thick paste prepared from blanched dried yam flour with a particular texture Akissoe et al. Literature Review On Trifoliate Yam Port manteaux word maker onelook A brief review of literature review on trifoliate yam the literature. The foam capacity was determined by the method of Narayana and Narasinga Rao When the harvesting season is over, these items become scarce in the market and the available are sold at very high prices. Lack of access to modern farm tools.

Due to this factor most farm produce are sold with minimal or no processing at all which reduces the market value of these products. Yes 55 65 No 35 35 Total 85 Table 4. The dark brown colour in white yam commercial amala may be due to bad drying conditions the chips were subjected to Akissoe et al. Therefore the analysis will make use of 85 sample size. White yam flour commercial had higher brown index value The colour attributes Hunter L , a , and b values of the yam flours and pastes obtained with a Rapid Visco Analyser were measured using a Minolta portable chroma-metre. A calibration curve was obtained from different solutions of amylose concentrations using corn amylose.

Colour measurement The colour attributes Hunter Laand b values of the yam flours and pastes obtained with a Oon Visco Analyser were measured using a Minolta portable chroma-metre. They include the scenic and prominent Mambilla plateau. The persistence of input supply problem has been associated largely with the issue of subsidy and its administration, as illustrated by the bottlenecks in the procurement and distribution of fertilizer by the government over the years.

Government should set up firms that could process and package some of these farm produce from its raw state.


Textural And Sensory Properties Of Trifoliate Yam |

Prediction of the sensory texture of a yam thick paste amala using instrumental and physicochemical parameters. Swelling index Determination of swelling index and solubility revew carried out according to the method of Iwuoha uam The highest amount of moisture was obtained for flour obtained from boiling for min It is possible that boiling time enhanced review rate of trona solution into the yam tissue.

Therefore, wholesome bitter yam tubers were sorted out, cleaned, peeled, sliced with a chipping machine and weighed. The food potential of potato yam Dioscorea bulbifera Niger Food J. The swelling power of each flour sample was calculated as a multiple of the original volume.

literature review on trifoliate yam

Effect of drying methods on the rheological characteristics and colour of yam flours. The method used by Udensi and Okaka was adopted.

Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi: During the harvest months, there is usually abundant supply often resulting in considerable wastage while non harvest period is characterized by scarcity and high prices.

Moi-moi is prepared by first soaking the beans in cold water until they are soft yam to remove the fine literature covering or peel. This increase is however attributed to larger hectares of land planted to yam than to increased productivity. Accepting the alternative hypothesis means that yam cultivation in Wukari local government has impacted positively on the economic development of Taraba state.

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Crops such as maize, rice, sorghum, millet, cassava and yam are produced in commercial quantities. Having considered agriculture trifoliwte a major catalyst for economic development literatture any nation or state, the question that quickly comes to mind is why is it that some states like Taraba state that has high agricultural potentials are still backward in terms of development?

Literature is available on the production of yam chips and amala from other white yam, water yam and other yam species Akissoe et al. Table 2 Functional properties of trifoliate yam flour.


Literature Review On Trifoliate Yam

The higher the amylose contents the lower the swelling power Otegbayo et al. Comparative quality assessment of flour from sun-dried and heated air-dried green banana Musa sapientum and plantain Musa paradisiacal.

literature review on trifoliate yam

Percentage of water absorption capacity recorded for different varieties of D. Distribution of respondents to whether gainfully employed or not. Effect of traditional processing on the functional properties of cowpea Vigna cajan flour.

He describes development as a multi- dimensional process involving the reorganization and reorientation of the entire economic and social system. The parameters evaluated were the colour, texture, smoothness, odour and overall acceptability.

Literature review on trifoliate yam

lietrature The implication might be that trona concentration could be limited to 2. In Nigeria, the production of food is largely rural based and so it is a function of environmental factors. Quinoa Chenopodium quinoa starch physicochemical properties and functional characteristics. The study provides insight on the possible application of soaking in clean water to optimize the studied functional compositions of bitter yam flour.

Lack of access to modern farm tools.

literature review on trifoliate yam

Amala produced from oven dried flours were observed to be lighter in color than sundried flour Jimoh et al. Predicting the effect of blanching, drying temperature and particle size profile on the dispersibility of cowpea flour.