After this period, the headlamps go off – automatically of course. The Skyhook suspension coupled with the sheer weight of the car do a remarkable job at smothering bumps and potholes. The sunroof is also complemented by an internal blind that slides together with the panel plus an anti-obstruction system that is active on the front edge of the panel during lengthways movement and on the rear edge during swivelling movements. The motorist then decides whether or not to go ahead even though more fuel will be consumed. The system offers realistic reproduction with crystal clear high notes and full, rich bass tones.

The change in the signal is processed by the electronic part of the sensor that activates the appropriate sweep rate. Not your everyday Golf-clone hatchback. Those are all photos as my hands were oily hh. The problem is that the suspension very hard when I cross over bumps or irregularities on the road seams. Because they emit a shade that is closer to white light, they also ensure improved visibility even though the level of illumination remains the same. And have chatted to owners, who do huge mileages happily.

Lancia thesis skyhook problem

Distinctive areas such as parks or lakes and the road route are coloured in. These devices are produced in conjunction with Hella, a leading European company and offer the best possible light quality and excellent efficiency under all atmospheric conditions.

The suspension design was a mix of the ordinary and the clever. These include the following equipment: Led tail-lights The Lancia Thesis is fitted with state-of-the-art tail-lights made up of two long, narrow vertical elements that act as side lights, brake lights and turn signals.


The car position is identified on a map and displayed on a screen. I have read and agree. The rear of the car is a similarly fine place to reside.

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In essence, these were just incremental improvements on the thesia of multi-link suspension. While still remembering to give the result of a match played by your favourite team.

Those are skyuook photos as my hands were oily hh. View all posts by richard herriott. The boot also comes with an electric handle: Saloon far better rigid structure than SW. The multiple arm system is particularly quick and reactive in following the front suspension and also ensures maximum stability during high-speed manoeuvres and great driving ease.

The power unit is special because it turns very roundly due to its 6 cylinders – and also offers formidable torque enhanced by a 5-speed automatic transmission converter. All three features naturally come as standard on Emblema versions. Their chrome-plated appearance is due to vertical scored patterns on the lens and the metallic border of the lens.

Let’s look at the operation in detail.

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It represents an effective aid for a thedis drive in full comfort. The device is more sophisticated than ordinary volume controls on conventional devices and ensures a high-quality sound that is always natural.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

The system may also come with six independent amplifiers: Especially when you consider that a car just under five metres long with a weight to match has to work harder to achieve a good result. The invisible technology on the Lancia Thesis really comes to the fore when it comes to dynamic safety. The system can then compare the name with names skyhoo, its memory and call the number required.


Rain sensor sensitivity may be modified by adjusting a three-position selector on the right stalk. This time lapse means that the new data need not be reset when the trip is resumed after stopping for a coffee. Motorists are therefore able to deactivate the automatic device and turn on the lights manually.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

You are commenting using your WordPress. I suspect they look a good deal more imposing than they do in static photography.

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In this case, the navigation system computes a new route for the same destination. Motorists can alter sensor sensitivity by turning the knob to the left of the steering wheel and choosing a setting from 1 to 3.

But then I thought Vel Satis was fun too. As with all modern cars, passive safety is an area emphasised in the press release, the Thesis featuring eight airbags, comprising two multistage front bags, four sidebags and two window-bags, seatbelts with pre-tensioners, adjustable headrests, ISOFIX attachment points, a fire protection system and a carefully designed structure including crumple zones and reinforced doors.

Wherever this type of service is available, the driver is always kept abreast of situations that he or she will meet along the road by means of a small written message.