The Lancia Thesis steering wheel uses the same comfort and the same customisation options. The instrument panel displays a set of useful information when the Radar Cruise Control system is activated: This device supplies heat energy to the power unit coolant to warm up the engine faster during cold starts and also heats the coolant in the system even with the engine off so you can come back to a warm car. As a result, obstacles such as potholes or uneven surfaces cannot cause the wheel to vibrate or turn. The central monitor provides rear-view vision, projecting shots taken by a telecamera hidden in the rear of the car, with no blind spots.

We chose to limit ourselves to solutions which will really be applied to standard production cars: The driver is notified if the fuel level falls below the reserve mark in this case too. The information is transmitted to the control systems present on the car robotised gearbox, live differential which adapt to the concrete situation to guarantee greater safety. Self-driving cars and enabling technologies. Telematics and audio The Lancia Thesis is ahead of its time when it comes to advanced technology, as is borne out by the array offered by an appealing yet functional instrument panel. This solution reduces glare experienced by other vehicles and allows effective control of the light beam. And of course the heating and ventilation system is also responsible for demisting the windscreen and side windows.

Control is based on sensor information from on-board sensors.

Adaptive cruise control

Side display functions are reversible, according to whether the car is being driven from the left or right. The car recognises people by means of their Ego Card personal keys and adapts to their habits, life styles and driving styles: The Lancia designers undertook the far from easy task of designing something intangible: I have read and agree. Laser -based systems do not detect and track vehicles in adverse weather conditions nor do they reliably track dirty and therefore non-reflective vehicles.


Hence the thorough car soundproofing. It must be able to adapt to their habits and — why not — to their mood and also to current situations.

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Such as an Set-up Memory that allows you to adjust the front seats, rear view mirrors and steering wheel to your own satisfaction and then recall the same settings whenever you want at the press of a key. All rear seat adjustments can be cuise out using buttons inside the rear Business armrest.

Screens, keyboards, a fridge, small table and document holders all appear from inside the furnishings, when they are needed. The main feature of the multilink suspension is its virtual steering axis.

On the move Driving satisfaction, travelling satisfaction. Retrieved from ” https: But the driver continues to manage the rsdar in his or her individual area.

Also in certain cars it is incorporated with a lane maintaining system which provides a power steering assist to reduce steering input burden on corners when the cruise thesix system is activated.

The other is low-speed and links the control units inside the passenger compartment. The steering axis passes through the centre of the wheel. The eight ultrasound transducers act as smart pulse transmitters and receivers. The resulting device is full of functions, comes at an advantageous price and is, above all, as easy to use as one would expect of latest-generation technology.

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To ensure maximum clarity and definition of images and a wide cone of visibility, the CONNECT system comes with a 7 inch colour screen. Clntrol helps highlight driving satisfaction under conditions of absolute safety. Then cross reference that with the guys at the BMW parts department? Automatic Headlamps The Lancia Thesis is equipped with headlamps that come on automatically as darkness falls or as you drive into a tunnel They are contol by a sensor installed on the front window that works on the principle of infra-red ray refraction.


lancia thesis radar cruise control

When Comfort seats are chosen at the rear, the armrest is upgraded to Business standard and Comfort controls are added to the buttons and compartments already present in the higher-range version: When the only car occupant with a CID in their pocket moves away from the car when it is running e.

This option is particularly welcome on the hottest days when the car has been parked for a long time under the sun. Archived from the original PDF on 11 October Even in this familiar territory, however, the Thesis has surprises in store.

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The device is more sophisticated than ordinary volume controls on conventional devices and ensures a high-quality sound that is always natural. CONNECT Throughout the course of more than one hundred years of history, the controo has continually evolved to become more comfortable, more clean and a more effective performer.

lancia thesis radar cruise control

Instead the instrument interface should adapt to us. Registration is fast less than 2 minutessimple, absolutely free and gives you access to a wealth of FIAT information. The device uses visual and voice messages to give the driver crjise step-by-step route to the destination. Simply press – your little finger will do – a microswitch located inside the handle and you will be able to pull the door to effortlessly.