Hochschild points out that when Leopold ordered Sir Henry Morton Stanley, the explorer, to travel up and down the Congo gathering signatures from village chiefs to turn over their land to Leopold, the chiefs had no idea what it meant. A Raisin in the Sun. John and Alice Harris, and Rev. Book Review King Leopold II managed to put Congo under the colonial empire of Belgium through a process that was full of mischief and sleaze. We provide an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature. Rom trained the troops, wrote a manual on how to take hostages for the forced labor the rubber companies used, and casually killed natives and used their shrunken heads on his garden fence.

The book starts with a commerce scene that, except for the manner of trade, would pass as an otherwise ethical business. The Comedy of Errors. Hochschild tries to give a balanced picture of human nature. European slavery in its colonies was violent to the extreme and based on racism. Finally, Hochschild uses external references, such as the Royal Museum of Central Africa, to show evidence of the various forms of European influences that took place in Congo during the period of study. The author only gives a single version of the whole story, emphasizing on the depiction of the need for righteous actions by focusing on Leopold.

He found leopllds voices in the writings of Europeans about the country and also to the non-documented sources like oral interviews. Although Leopold pretended to Stanley that he wanted to establish a confederation of free negro republics, his aides wrote a different story to Stanley: Log in or register to post comments.


In the Congo, however, he could exercise absolute power without restraint. William Sheppard, Mark Twain, Rev. Hochschild concentrates more on showing how eventually, the efforts of those opposing Leopold succeed Hochschild Instructions for writing a good argumentative essay. In that book, monopoly trading concessions and forced labor are mentioned as techniques that Leopold used.

For example, he allowed the cutting of hands, from people who disobeyed his rules, to serve as an example to the rest of his subjects.

king leopold’s ghost: Theme Analysis

Ivory, rubber, gold, diamonds, and ghst were the rewards that attracted the colonial powers needing more and more raw materials for their own industrial and commercial interests. Others like Casement did not confront Leopold directly but decided to inform his home country of the crimes, by sending numerous letters.

king leopolds ghost thesis

Rebelling against being yoked by the neck and starved to death doing forced labor was interpreted as idleness. To provide a vivid account of the atrocities of Leopold, the writer relies on other witnesses who published various materials, which give, details of most of the events portrayed in the book.

References Books for Summer Reading. He shows the irony of Europeans fighting off the slavery of other nations while encouraging slaves gohst Central Africa Hochschild — In a remarkable logical turn around, Stanley, known for his brutality, makes himself look like the victim of savages who thwart his noble goals. A Farewell To Arms. A Clean Well Lighted Place.

All Quiet on the Western Front. It is a book that is educating, simplified, and detailed that makes the reader highly interested to finish the manuscript. It informs ghodt reader of the various crimes perpetuated by Leopold by referring to the African and European histories of the same period Hochschild.


Hochschild’s King Leopold’s Ghost Book Review

He wrote a pamphlet against Leopold. General Classification of Main of Academic Essays?

king leopolds ghost thesis

Stanley was an illegitimate child raised in a British workhouse, having no place in English society. The Comedy of Errors. The plot of the story presented glimpse on the images of the terrors behind the shadows of the leopoods and their hidden agenda. Kurtz, in Heart of Darkness. Likewise, Africans also show their opposite observations of Europeans.

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There is Edmund Dere Morel who told the world about the wrong things, done by Leopold. Thesix of Use Copyright Privacy. In part one, the author gives a contextual history of the relation between European countries and Africa. A Wrinkle In Time. Leopold often complained about being a king in a constitutional monarchy, with limited power. Please check back weekly to see what we have added.

king leopolds ghost thesis

Retrieved February 24, from, http: This book was not only an academic account in the history ghosr world politics but a clear manifestation of human rights episodes.

This racial opinion reflected his own thinking about the African people.