Some water is placed on hand Karatal and a very small amount of Kasturi is added to water. The newborn young are very small, and essentially motionless for the first month of their lives, a feature that helps them remain hidden from predators. A very small dosage of Kasturi taken orally can stimulate the sexual urge both physically and mentally in both the sexes 5. Kobus Upemba lechwe K. Aromatic Plants and Aroma Therapy. Pure Kasturi cannot be burnt out by the fire, but yields a smell of burning skin Yatha dahamm ya naiti bhasmam rajbhogya.

There is need to establish the scientific basis of the ancient belief of therapeutics of musk. The ejection of the secretion from the sac takes place through a small canal which is situated on the outer surface of the pod and opens near the preputial orifice 2. Some studies present a newer application of musk in the conditions of allergic disorders, inflammation etc. The musk deer are, however, still placed in a separate family. If in a room, pure Kasturi is placed, the room will be filled with a charming aroma but the false musk will yield an unpleasant strong odour. Well traveled, he lives in Shimla.

Please note that your card will be active in the system for 30 days. Sometimes there were some unfortunate deaths due to the adverse reaction of antisnake venom drug.

कस्तूरी: Kasturi (The Deer)

Inhibition of prostaglandin E by musk on guinea pig ileum opens the vista to study the action of musk in this direction Dhaham ya naiti bahanau chimi chimi kurute charmagandhahutashe. Newly developed artificial sex stimulant drugs like Sildenafil citrate are very harmful while Kasturi musk offers a natural healthy sexual urge without any deleterious effect 5.


These are used as the substitute of Kasturi for medicinal purpose in indigenous medicine. Musk deer have been hunted for their scent glandswhich are commonly used in perfumes. It is used in hemiplegia Pakshaghatcholera Bisuchikageneral debility Daurbalyatuberculosis Rajayakshmaepilepsy Apasmara and in obesity Sthulya 5. Have greatly enjoyed the items on your site; very good selection! All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info katuri. It is used in fever Jsaraghna and in poisoning Vishaghna.

Thanks for doing the business that you do. According to Unani medicine when placed in vagina or rubbed on male genitalia, it can initiate the sexual urge leading to act of sex without the feeling of exhaustion. Family Bovidae subfamily Antilopinae. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Kasturi reduces the sleeping time induced by hexobarbitone. Kasturi is a great discovery of ancient Indian physicians, who used it in diversified ailments.

Herbs, minerals, animal and marine products were introduced as medicines for the prevention and remedy of diseases. The poachers cut the skin of hunting musk deer and made artificial pod and filled it with blood, liver, barley grains, etc.

Vivid description about its quality, types, kwsturi, etc. All the farms are located in high altitudes in cold remote areas in an attempt to replicate the musk deer habitat and have similar plant resources that are their preferred diet.

It prevents the quick discharge of semen and also ezsay the coital time. When Kasturi is free from moisture and ammonia, it yields a charming aroma.


Text Book of Dravyaguna. Popular Book Depot, Bombay It is interesting to note that the Kasturi kasthri widely used as a general stimulant medicine since time immemorial 3. Earlier Kasturi was widely used as an aphrodisiac agent as well as Rasayana immunomodulator medicine.

kasturi mrig essay

I make a point to thank you so much for the excellent service you and your team are providing for your clients. Once Kasturi had a high demand, mainly for the drug preparations in traditional medicine. eessay

However, in the western system of medicine, its therapeutic use is not mentioned. It is used in breathlessness Swashara especially in bronchial asthma Tamak mrjg. Kobus Upemba lechwe K.

Kastoori Mrig

Kasturi possesses Antiinflammatory property similar to hydrocortisone acetate on jrig albino rats The chemical constituents of musk are ammonia, olein, cholesterin, fat, wax, gelatinous matter, albuminous substances, inorganic salts of sodium, potassium, calcium; and an aromatic volatile oil, muscone 4.

Kasturi can change the imbalanced Kapha and Vatatwo basic humours of Ayurveda to normal. It was once considered as a last resort of emergency medicine.

kasturi mrig essay

The newborn young are very small, and essentially motionless for the first month of their lives, a feature that helps them remain hidden from predators.