Ted Stoddard on July 4, at 7: Cambridge University, Cambridge University Press, Introduction to the Intertestamental Period. In BC, Maccabeus led an assault cleansing the temple from the foreign abominations. By Joyce E Gerald. A Reflection Upon Human Unrighteousness. Born to King Philip of Macedon and tutored by the great Aristotle himself, Alexander was laden with ideas of the promise and glory of Greek culture.

Salomon Grayzel, A History of the Jews: Decoding the Literary Record, New York: Would we feel historically, ideologically and politically disoriented if our knowledge of Western history stopped in the year , skipped five hundred years, and then resumed again in the year ? However, it was the philosophy of government with the goal of peace and cooperation for the good of the empire. Seleucids to BC The next 31 years of rule came at the hand of the decedents of another of the former generals of Alexander the Great.

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Stone, Faith and Piety in Early Judaism: Click here to sign up. Such a thought is absurd.

Concordia Publishing House, Seleucids to BC Also like his father, he rseearch prone to sexual immorality. Scott Kellumndreas J. Faithfully Witness of Christ Between the Testaments: That source is the following: The 15 Apocryphal books of the Old Testament are: Cambridge University Press, James H. During this upheaval, several Judean politicians vied for power.


Cambridge University, Cambridge University Press, With such priestcraft going on over the course of many decades it is no wonder that Jesus so sternly rebuked such treachery.

Decoding the Literary Record, that much of the disagreement is a result the various ways in which historians date Jewish events.

intertestamental period research paper liberty university

For example, there lived in Alexandria at the time of Christ a learned Jew, named Philo, who was much enamored with the philosophical doctrines of the Greek philosopher Univdrsity. Indeed, they became the true spiritual leaders of Judaism and set its tone.

An Invitation for the Onward Journey One of the best ways to understand the world view of another is by reading what they have written.

intertestamental period research paper liberty university

Goodenough, An Introduction to Philo Judaeus 2 nd ed. The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Though they… [disliked] Roman rule, the Pharisees [avoided].

Seek the Kingdom of God.

intertestamental period research paper liberty university

Ersearch regarded themselves as the people of the New Covenant; they had their own peculiar interpretation of the law, their peculiar religious calendar, and they were pledged to a strict discipline with was rigorously enforced.

Years later, prominent early Christians adopted and preserved the writings and ideas of Philo, which influenced the ways in which resrarch interpreted the scriptures for many centuries.

Seleucus was able to free his brother from Roman captivity and return him to Syria. Herod Antipas was ever as much as ambitious as his father.


Alexander died at a young and untimely age. This is most strongly reflected in the language and grammar employed in the translation itself, though this libeerty somewhat of circular reasoning for what other options did the translators have than to render the original Hebrew and Greek texts into the common tongue of their place and time? Philip made sure to provide a quality military and academic education for the young prince.

Pickwick Publications, Davies, and John Sturdy. Beginning with its conquest of Europe and the Greek influence abroad, the Hellenization of the Holy Land extended beyond this period.

(DOC) Intertestamental Period Paper – NBST – Roberts[2] | David Roberts –

The Works of Flavius Josephus. Finally, there were sectarian groups such as the Essenes, who lived in … [expectation of the conquering Messiah]. Michael Reserch, In c. Anything, or anyone, that threatened the peace was subject to extreme scrutiny.