D after MBBS condition 2. In addition, there have been a few specific agreements signed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with other countries as well as those signed directly by the ICMR. This will be the responsibility of the host organization. Generally CARs are located in Medical Colleges, non-ICMR Institutes and Universities where there is evidence of definite research advancement in a given area, assurance of local support and maximum facilities. For more details, website of ICMR may be seen. For latest thrust areas refer to ICMR website:

The report will be evaluated at ICMR and the Council reserves the right to approve or disapprove a report. If there is no prescribed format, proposals are to be prepared using ICMR format. The Council has a limited number of positions of Emeritus Medical Scientists. On completion, two copies of detailed report on the work done by the candidate, giving an introduction, review of literature, aims and objectives, material and methods, results and observations, discussion, conclusions, summary and bibliography, should be submitted to the Chief, Division of BMS , ICMR, New Delhi, through the guide. The value of the studentship will be Rs.

For more details, website of ICMR may be seen. Proposals are received throughout the year on the prescribed format, which can be obtained on request from the Director-General, ICMR. This me/ms be the responsibility of the host organization.

icmr md/ms thesis grant

ICMR being an apex research agency for formulation, coordination and promotion of Biomedical Thesia in the country is also engaged in promoting critical mass of human resources as well as fostering research temperament amongst medical graduates. Financial ceiling Financial ceiling is up to Rs.


icmr md/ms thesis grant

The grant shall be released in the name of the head of icmf Institute directly with a copy to the Guide and the candidate. Ansari Ivmr, New Delhi — Mechanism of implementation and monitoring.

Validity of fellowship is up to six months. The applicant should submit a concrete plan of training pertaining to the project submitted for availing the fellowship. The Council has a limited number of positions of Emeritus Medical Scientists.

ICMR Scheme for MD/MS-PhD Programme | Indian Council of Medical Research | Government of India

Collaborating scientists with expertise and infrastructure available to undertake such activities are identified by the Council itself through its Task Forces and other Expert Committees. Programme is ongoing at three Centres viz. The applicant should be a citizen of India and working in the country. It will be done through written competition followed by interview. For more details, the website may be seen.

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Formula for Doctors fees. Emeritus Medical Scientist Scheme for retired medical scientists and teachers, the Council offers the position of Emeritus Thessis to enable them to continue or take up research on specific biomedical topics.

The candidate will acknowledge the financial assistance provided by ICMR for any publication emerging grsnt of the thesis. For detailed procedure website may be seen. The Council promotes biomedical research in the country through intramural research through Institutes totally funded by ICMR and extramural research through grants-in-aid given to projects in non-ICMR Institutes.

After completion of the project, the host institution would be expected to take over the activities of the Centre as permanent activity. Docplexus Online Services Pvt. The duration of appointment of Emeritus Medical Scientists will ordinarily be for a period of two mdd/ms in the first instance. Name of the scheme s.


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This scheme is not linked with any other research capacity building schemes under which the mmd/ms are in receipt of stipend etc. Other Research Related Activities: At least some percentage of fees using this formula? The Council will provide a total financial assistance of Rs.

icmr md/ms thesis grant

The amount will be used by the candidate for pursuance of research and may use the funds for purchase of reagents, preparation of thesis, secretarial thesiz or any other activity connected with the research project following fair and reasonable procedure. Six copies of the final report, duly typed clearly, as per standard proforma, of the work done during the tenure of fellowship, along with photographs with proper legends will be submitted with in one month after the completion of the fellowship.

A scientist with outstanding achievements and recognition in a given field can approach ICMR with a specific proposal.

The short term studentship is non-transferable and cannot be given to another student in the event of a student not accepting it after getting approval. The fellowship can be terminated forthwith if the particulars given in the application form for fellowship are found to be incorrect or false.

The honorarium paid by the Council shall be liable to icrm tax.