With the web, we haven’t really used events in more than 10 years asp. Perfect for networking and for those like me who forget what time is the lunch supposed to be. Much more interactive than I expected. The response is good from the management. Tomar bien los requisitos y guiar el desarrollo de la herramienta en base a los ejemplos concretos que contengan esos requisitos, lleva tiempo. My code is using DOM Level 0 event handling.

If you would like to host the workshop in your city, please contact me. Thanks to IQ for all the help and support. Good Session and basic concepts were was very clear. The course contents are up-to-date and the instructors are industry trained and extremely hard working. However, rich client applications are now easier to test than ever. Lo que pasa es que se entienden mal y cuando llegan al usuario nos pide cambios y creemos que nos ha cambiado los requisitos. After lunch I visited theTestLab.

We have also introduced 3 amigos and I am keen to understand what the agenda or outcome should be for a meeting.

Useful documentation to have, specially when you have hundreds of features and thousands of steps. Hats off to him! You have done a wonderful job. Better advice would describe why BDD should be used in more places than just testing an application through the user interface.


We basically replace the publisher event implementation which was intentionally left blank. When the button is clicked, both handlers are executed. And it is bfd better way to do learn from anywhere without any problem.

Business for You Solution

As an exercise I leave out to you the implementation of the observer pattern with TDD. When I implement the observer pattern in my objects, I prefer to make it explictly:. What do you think this means? I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Very supporting and understandable throughout learning completion. Great Flexible way of Learning. Good hold on the Subject. Every time I contacted them, they have given me a very prompt response and personal attention to my needs. Ruby Cucumber is gaining popularity as its code can be run easily in different environments, and the code is reusable.

Anyone who wants to move into data hlmework Stream, IQ Online is the perfect place to start with. Appreciate the homewok handling of the issue.

CSCE Homework 3

Their classes are live online hence, saves travel time, travel hassel and money. Customer service support provided by them is top-notch.

homework 3 bdd and cucumber

I personally Recommend this institute is good for Selenium. Explained with Hands on practice.

Great experience and well satisfied to be trained in IQ. One suggestion is that the website should have been more responsive when we used laptop like Asus Eee PC.


Category: Test Driven Development

They have really awesome instructors. The decision to use Cucumber or a unit testing framework is depending on the cooperation with the business.

homework 3 bdd and cucumber

Following editions will be published here look in the right-hand sidebar. It was my first trial of electronic trading on a subject that I was good at, project management. Does anybody know Thomas’ surname? Ruby Cucumber Online Training. Unique and fulfilling Experience.

Three Amigos Meeting – Agree the tests before development starts

We worked hard on the preparation, we were able to communicate what we meant, and people said it was understandable. Good speaker, nice technical stack and good ideas from the talk. Postgresql was my first ever online course and it far exceeded my expectations. I got in touch with the support team.

homework 3 bdd and cucumber

One of the best conferences in the world for agile testers, managers and developers.