The predictive validity of risk assessment tools for female offenders: Of course, if a plethysmograph were essential to assessing sex offender risk, if its elimination from an assessment battery led to poor predictions, and if there were no alternative methods of obtaining information about deviant sexual interest, then the time and money to include it in a standard battery might be defensible. Both instruments will allow the practitioner to organize and communicate his or her thoughts clearly, perhaps the HCR given its conceptually clearer divisions more so than the SVR What underlying factors describe the HCR’s structure, and how many items assess each factor? The authors reviewed the literature and selected 20 items for which they found consistent empirical support. One of the better-researched sexual violence risk scales, the SORAG, requires a penile plethys- mograph evaluation of sexual arousal. A practitioner’s view of risk assessment:

Our risk assessments are used in matters spanning the criminal justice system: Each instrument is an admirable integration of research and clinical practice. Dolan , Afshan Khawaja Relative efficacy of criminological, clinical, and personality measures of future risk of offending in mentally disordered offenders: Structured risk assessment of sexual violence in forensic clinical practice. Some of the items used are far from agreed upon in the literature.

hcr 20 annotated bibliography

Extreme minimization or denial of sex offenses Past violent offenses Log In Sign Up. Uses weapons or threats of death in sex offenses Annotatex to main content. Beyond empirically determined accuracy and precision, one must also consider the cost of administering a risk assessment scale, both in time and money.


Fortunately, during the past decade, we have made progress. Negative attitude towards intervention.

hcr 20 annotated bibliography

Delbello Psychiatric Quarterly This paper has 57 citations. But the tension between clinical and actuarial risk assessment continues.

(PDF) A practitioner’s view of risk assessment: the HCR and SVR | Philip Witt –

Annotatde manual also provides studies of the HCR up toa relatively scant literature consisting of reliability and validity studies in correctional, forensic psychiatric, and civil psychiatric settings.

High density sex offenses Some of the items used are far from agreed upon in the literature. What if we are, in fact, depriving others of their liberty based on erroneous predictions of bibliogaphy violence because the recent change in vocabulary from “predicting violence” to “risk assessment” cannot hide the fact that in the end we are predicting future events?

Research Towards Decision Guidelines. The average predictive validity annotatd intimate partner violence risk assessment instruments. Current test construction methods typically include an item analysis to eliminate item redundancy and determine which items are the biblioyraphy measures of the constructs. All scales start with some rational process of criterion selection based upon a review of the empirical literature.

Victim of child abuse 3. Attitudes that support or condone sex offenses Future plans Because the authors review the empirical support for each item, the manual serves as a structured review of the risk assessment literature, helpful when asked, “Doctor, how do you know that such-and-such is associated with violence?


HCR-20 Violence Risk Assessment Scheme: Overview and Annotated Bibliography

Lacks realistic plans Improving the clinical practice hdr violence risk assessment: Could we handle a Ziskin and Faust style cross-examination regarding the unreliability of clinical judgment? Citations Publications citing this paper. Disposition decisions for individuals found unfit to stand trial and not criminally responsible.

Mental disorder and violent behavior. First, the PCL-R even in its short version takes a long time to administer; the interview alone is generally thought to require at least two hours.

Annotated Bibliography

Appraising and managing risk. Structured risk assessment of sexual hcg in forensic clinical practice. The SVR has its items divided into three areas: Second, some of the PCL-R criteria assessing antisocial lifestyle factor 2 are similar to HCR items, such as prior supervision failure, employment problems, relationship instability, early maladjustment, and plans that lack feasi- bility. Early risk assessment instruments, frequently circulated informally among spe- cialists, were little more than lists of items the author decided were linked to increased risk; many, if not most, of the items had no empirical foundation.

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