The very strong and long-lived rotation is clearly evident, as are some other things. The Greensburg disaster was as much bad luck as anything. The preview to a multi-day volley. Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Greensburg converted to receiving percent of its power from wind. Before the tornado struck, Greensburg had relied on fossil fuel for electrical generation.

Latest posts by U. That was the state of Greensburg after the tornado passed. A handful of small satellite tornadoes rotating around larger twisters initially went unnoticed. Everyone who went through that night in the town is a hero in their own way. Tornado watches, warnings and reports by day. Tracks of tornadoes produced by the Greensburg supercell, as analyzed by the authors of a report on the subject.

The power of wind.

Kiowa County Memorial Hospital. The Greensburg outbreak tornad mesocyclones rotating so rapidly it was hard to tell them apart from the actual tornadoes on radar, the researchers said.

greensburg kansas tornado case study

This energy-efficiency guide was developed by the U. Exterior view of Kiowa County Memorial Hospital. About Browse this Partner.

Following a Devastating Tornado, Town and Hospital Rebuild to Harness Wind Energy

Ian Livingston, co-founder of ustornadoes. Author modification of WPC archives. An examination of the crossovers winds at different heights at this time reveals highly favorable veering with height kqnsas Kansas. Surface observations and infrared satellite for the full day of the Greensburg supercell. Aerials of Greensburg Tornado Damage.


greensburg kansas tornado case study

On May 4,an EF-5 tornado estimated to be 1. Therefore, conditions were quite ripe for strong and long-lived tornadoes in west-central Kansas, since the supercell had already overcome the capping inversion.

Greensburg, Kansas Tornado Study Complete –

Serving as both a federal and a state depository library, the UNT Libraries Government Documents Stuy maintains millions of items in a variety of formats. The Big Well is also still thereand arguably looking better than ever. Building Resilience in the Energy Sector. Concurrent with this development was a strengthening in the wind fields at all levels as the low pressure trough approached from the west.

The radar loop below covers the tornadic life of the Greensburg cell. These are tornadoes that appear wider than they are tall.

May 4, The night that made maps of Greensburg, Kansas have to be redrawn – U.S. Tornadoes

And of course, it only takes one. While the Greensburg monster is what the day is known for, the supercell responsible was an ggreensburg prolific tornado producer.

Reflectivity and velocity loop of the Greensburg supercell from the Dodge City, Kansas doppler radar. The program, run by the non-profit U. This comprehensive case study describes technical assistance provided by NREL to help Greensburg, Kansas, rebuild as a green community after an EF-5 tornado nearly leveled the town in The very strong and long-lived rotation is clearly evident, as are studh other things.


The study authored by meteorologists Les Lemon and Mike Umscheid reveals the minute-by-minute evolution of the once-in-a-lifetime outbreak. Nearly southeasterly flow at the surface, shifting to nearly west-southwesterly at mb. It was one of the only uses of a tornado emergency born during the Csse 3, outbreak at kaansas time, and the warnings are heavily credited with keeping the disaster as minimal in the death toll category as possible. Damage to the city was immense: This energy can power every house, business, and municipal building in Greensburg while also selling power to other Kansas municipalities.

greensburg kansas tornado case study

The city of Greensburg, Kansas, and its hospital—Kiowa County Memorial—have been rebuilding for precisely this sort of resilience after experiencing a catastrophic tornado. The Greensburg disaster kansae as much bad luck as anything. Tornado watches, warnings and reports by day. Usage Statistics When was this report last used? Remembering those who died in the Greensburg tornado. It also unleashed its worst, a long tracked F4 through Mulhall, Oklahoma, after dark.